5 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2019;

2018 is nearly over, and every man & his dog are looking towards 2019 to make those oh so easy to keep resolutions varying from hitting the gym hard in the first week and then never ever stepping foot in one again for the rest of the year to learning a new skill like learning a new language or something till it gets too hard and it makes going to the gym in February seem like a good idea.

Well what we are encouraging you to do is to look at what social media trends will be all the rage in 2019, which will hopefully encourage businesses to embrace social media like a long lost love.

Social media is a place where businesses can constantly show their value to customers and also be more engaging, fun, accessible and create a measurable return on investment.

1. The growing importance of personal branding to business branding

If anyone has seen any of the videos that have been released on the various Coretium Media social channels over the past 12-18 months you may have noticed a constant face cropping up every week – mine! Haha. Why is this important?

Well, it allowed us to have that human feel to our company and help build loyalty. You could see our company personality and actually see that a real person did work at the company.

By seeing me in all my glory…and by that I mean, raw, unedited, real messages you knew who you were talking to when we did speak.

Personal branding is very important and helps build those relationships for now and the future.

Do not hide behind your logo…step out from behind shadows and be the face of the company I know you can be. 🙂  

2. Long-form content for making an SEO impact

While word count is not the only thing that can impact how prominently an article will appear on search engine results pages, SEO experts agree that long-form content can give you an edge.

SEO – We all pretty much know how ye olde Google rank your website organically…they send their bots up and down the Google highway patrolling and scanning looking to see if your meta tags are where they should be, if those pesky h1 and h2’s are in place, look to see if your content is actually making sense and then decide ‘Yeah these guys are cool, we’ll rank them…’ or something along those lines.

Yet there was always that notion that any blogs you had on your website should be no more than 500 words but yet in a recent article by Rachel Strella (which I have based this entire article) on Social Media Today -https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/5-social-media-trends-to-watch-in-2019/544441/ apparently more is the way forward, with a high quality 1600 words more likely to outrank a high quality article which is only 500 words. So for someone like me who tends ramble on and on, this is great news.

So why not take the plunge, get those quills and ink dusted off and get writing…or typing. As long as the content is relevant Google will have no major issue with it. You never know you might even get a note from them on the excellent article you wrote…(please note this wont happen, I was just trying to get you to blog more or hire me to blog for you) 😉

3. Acceleration of personalised marketing

Who doesn’t like getting something cool and personalised in their email box or in the mail (yes people do still send letters/postcards/leaflets – just ask your local Pizza shop)…

I mean it kind of shows that the company sending you this stuff has taken the time to think that yes…Ruben would like to receive an email every day about Pizza as he orders one every so often.

This shows companies delving into whatever CRM system they have and looking at individuals to see what they like and past patterns.

As a customer we are quite within our rights to expect to receive special offers etc which fit within our remits. Lots of companies do this…but lots still do not.

4. Video’s prominence as the preferred form of content

Videos over the course of 2018 created the most engagement and the highest return on investment over other marketing practices. So what are you waiting for? The thing you used to make phone calls on, is now most likely a hi res video production tool.

If you need help with videos…… we know a team that can help….. It could be the one that put this blog together….

5. “Pay to play”—the path to more exposure; social media advertising

Social media is much more than posting pictures of friends, families or pets and watching videos of funny sh*t.

Social media is one of the biggest advertising platforms out there!!! You can literally advertise anything on there and with targeting, you can get the right people to get in front of, which has a really big return on investment, which over the years marketing company’s have not been able to prove, but thanks to various technology it is now feasible.

From sponsored, boosted and an actual adverts…social media is much more now.

Social media adverts do not have to bankrupt you either…you can run adverts from as little as £5 per day.

And if any of the above intrigued you and got you thinking for a brand spanking new January campaign, please do get in touch.