Recently a customer asked, 'can't you use 'Black Hat SEO' and get me ranking #1 a lot faster?' This is a truthful statement, but just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. You need to think of Google as a set of laws, if you fracture a few of them they can punish you. Now this isn't time in the big house, but for a business being pushed down past page 10 in search results might be worse. 

Look there are short cuts in anything you do. But does that mean you should take them? Let's go through a 5 of the don'ts with Black Hat SEO. 

Don't take part in Keyword stuffing. We have all seen these websites that list every possible post code or repeating specific keywords so many times you lose track of why you went to the site. 

Don't start Cloaking. You have seen this on Spam sites- 5 best places to party in (insert country here) and when you go to the site it is spam content not related to the search. 

Don't use Sneaky redirects. This one can be very annoying. You search out something specific, because you are looking for a fix of a problem or how to guide and the link sends you to some random site not related to that search. 

Don't use poor quality content. This means if you are going to re purpose something you have read or seen. Actually change it up a bit. Plagiarism is never a good thing. 

Don't start with link farms. Link farms are collective of sites whose only purpose is to generate links. 

SEO is not something that should be taken lightly nor should it be something where you find the lowest possible price. Take your time, as the right questions and if you need any help..... There is a form below, we may not be the cheapest, but we do make sure we are White hat through and through.