6 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress For Your Business Content

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WordPress is used by millions of people.

Every day new people are joining the WordPress community by creating their first WordPress powered websites.

  1. Easy to use

You don’t have to be some successful blogger to use WordPress, to be honest you don’t even have to be human to use it! WordPress is very straight forward to use. Once you create an account you’ll quickly adapt to features such as themes and scheduling. Additionally, if you’re ready to customise your website further you can move your starter website to a web hosting account.  You can even pay a small fee to host your domain name on there.

  1. Stuck on a theme? No worries WordPress can help you out!

On WordPress, there are thousands of themes available for you to use. There is any theme for any sort of business and any theme for any type of blog. You can customise a theme suited to your business type and even experiment with it all! You don’t need to be a web designer to use WordPress.

  1. It’s Free

See what I did there? It is free of charge, the themes, the layout; the entire use of WordPress is free so you don’t have to worry about any hidden charges or expenses. What’s better than a free service?

  1. WordPress is your friend

WordPress is user friendly, search engine friendly, mobile friendly, all of the above. It is the safest website to use when it comes to scheduling and any type of business feature. In addition, this service hosts multimedia. For anyone who wants to bring a cause forward it is important to include different types of media within their content. The good thing with WordPress is that you can include photos, videos and articles. In fact, we at Coretium Media are using WordPress to produce this post right now! Feel free to check out our other WordPress posts.

  1. Schedule, schedule, schedule

Like mentioned earlier, WordPress is a good service to use if you want to schedule blog posts. Other than blogging it is used for websites and campaign efforts. When customising a website you can have more than one user doing this. Multi-user capability is the term for this.

  1. Bigger Community

Through using WordPress you will receive more engagement, build a higher community through posts and gain positive leads. You may even create business forums and communicate with people that way.

Final Thoughts

If you want you broader content and the opportunity to express further then WordPress is the right service for you. It is easy and quick to use, it is the best service to combine with in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on WordPress?

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How do you want people to view your business?

What campaign works and what doesn’t? Find out in this post!



1.What is your marketing budget?

Believe or not, referring back to your budget when planning will help you discover new strategies as well as making smart decisions when it comes to creating a manifesto. This way you can see what campaign works and what doesn’t. Get it?


2.Always think about your USP

It is important to have your unique selling point in mind if you want to create a structured marketing plan that will be suited for your business. Once the campaign is complete you can list all the benefits and use the results for future campaigns.

3. Picking Marketing Methods

Evaluate and pick marketing methods to boost business growth, contribute to further efforts and record success. Ideally you should be focusing on all marketing strategies, whether that be social media marketing, email marketing, paid search etc. Employing these methods will enable you to understand what is most important to achieve your targets and generate leads.









4. Be patient

No matter how hectic things are, it is imperative to stay patient. Strategies take time to work but while this process is happening you can experiment to see which method is right for you. Be patient to achieve the best results and focus on providing the best product/service for your targeted users.

5. Involve past achievements

People always want to see what businesses have done in the past. Some call it being nosy and others call it looking at past projects to see what’s in store for future projects. Give users an insight on what you’ve done before so they can see what you can offer them. They can see your different tactics when it comes to campaigning and how you can benefit them.

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The Benefits of Advertising on YouTube

  1. You are able to connect with your target audience

You could be remembered through creating videos, in your videos you should share the kind of products/services you provide and how they benefit customers. Always show people why they should choose you!

Did you know that YouTube is localised in 73 countries and across 61 languages?




  1. The right audience will definitely be reached!

The best way to reach customers on YouTube is by adding tags onto your videos, make sure all tags are related to your services and add some fun keywords in there such as “entertainment”.

Metaphorically, the more videos the more engagement as viewers will look at how active you are, what kind of videos you do and your subscriptions.

You should add your video onto your landing page. Doing this will increase leads and increase views on your content. Get your videos published across the data network and see what happens from there!

  1. Measuring your success is the key to success

It is important to check your AdWords account. By checking your account I mean tracking your views, costs made and your daily budgets. You can also visit the analytics tab on your YouTube account to learn more about your viewers.

E.g. you can tell which videos your customers are watching and how long they are watching them for.




  1. More views on social media accounts

Believe it or not, advertising on YouTube can boost views on your businesses social media sites! When editing a video you can include links to accounts such as Facebook and Twitter to show viewers different ways to reach you. These links will be shown on the video description and you can reach engagement on those accounts as well as your YouTube and Google+.

  1. Add a personal touch

YouTube videos with a personal touch increase conversions. Add a bit of humour into your videos as having an online personality is a good way to sell yourself.

People buy from those they trust. This trust is built by you relating to them personally. As mentioned earlier, you should show people why they should care about your products/services.

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What is TrueView Ads?

A service that is used within YouTube is TrueView Ads. This gives viewers control over which advertisers messages they want to see and when. Viewers can interact with each format in different ways. In-stream Ads are important to use when you want your advert to appear before, during or after videos.

Primarily, you pay when a viewer watches 30 seconds of your video or the duration if it’s less time or engages in other video interaction. The interactions are things such as CTA, cards and companion banners.

Another part of TrueView is In-Display Ads. This is used when people are searching on YouTube and across the web. With in-display ads your ads can appear next to YouTube videos, YouTube search results and video plays on YouTube channels. They can also be displayed on watch pages and video publisher sites across the data network. You will be charged each a viewer clicks on your advert and begins watching the chosen video.

The reality of it all

In reality, YouTube is the most popular video publishing application. Everyone goes on YouTube, everyone finds a video they like and show others so it’s good to use YouTube if you want your business to go far.

Do you use YouTube to advertise?


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Why Use Coretium Media

Why use Coretium Media for your Marketing content?

At Coretium Media, we make it our job to help you achieve the results you want to achieve. This can involve building campaigns/manifestos tailored to the goals you have as a company. In addition, we cost our services based on the results you want to achieve at a fixed price. There will be no hidden costs or inflated charges. Get in touch to discuss how we can help!
When you join us, we will give a step by step guide on our campaigns efforts so that you have a clear understanding on how we’ll present your business online. We use this initial consultancy to set long terms as well as short term goals. These goals will help your business strive in the right direction.
However, if you do not achieve the level of service you want then a money back guarantee is available depending on the campaign type. If this is the case do not hesitate to contact us on our primary number.
Marketing Packages available for you
• Start-up Marketing Packages
• Lead Generation Packages
• Brand Awareness Packages

Our start-up packages include social media marketing, website design and content marketing. We will manage your content daily making sure that it is fresh and up to date so that you have an online presence.

As you may already know lead generation is crucial for any business whether that be B2B or B2C organisations. At Coretium Media we understand that lead volume is important but we also know that lead quality is essential. We are focused on acquiring qualified leads who are genuinely interested in your product or service, opening up new avenues of business.
We understand that each of our clients businesses is different so we work hard to provide a transparent and bespoke service to each of our clients. We will have an initial consultation with you to understand your target market and the leads you wish to attract.
Our brand awareness marketing entails building business authority through the interaction with key influencers and using your business strategies as a strong source for relevant information. Your business will gain exposure through creating awareness and developing brand loyalty. This will become visible to people who are likely to take action on your messages. We ensure that your business will be found online and that you can position yourself as an expert in your field as this is crucial to converting your leads.
By educating your following through content marketing and engagement practices, not only is it a valuable resource online, but it can also introduce new customers into your sales process.
No matter what your digital marketing requirements are, get in touch today and one of our consultants will talk you through how we can help. If you’re in a rush then you can call us on 0207 537 6602, or we’re available via the chat box in the bottom-right of your screen during normal business hours.

How can we benefit you?
By working with Coretium Media we build strategies that are designed to increase wealth and business value. We will do this by focusing all marketing strategies towards maximising profit. Another benefit of working with us is that we can make your business a prominent authority in your industry. We can also create strategies which help with growing your customer base and sales. Furthermore, we can push your online presence past your competitors and ensure you stand out from the crowd.
Take a look at our Online Brochure here: http://ow.ly/10wIKh

For Further Enquiries:
Call: 0207 537 6602
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Address: Moorfoot House, Meridian Gate
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Generate Quick Sales Using These 7 Business Strategies

There are a number of ways small business can make quick sales, and it is important for these businesses to consider the variety of strategies they can follow to get sales.

1. Upselling and cross-selling

One efficient way to generate quick sales is working with existing customers. They are an easy target, as you already have an idea of what they like and would have built a relationship with them. Because of this, up-selling and cross-selling products could be a useful way to generate quick sales.


When upselling, your aim is to get a customer to spend more money by purchasing a more expensive model of the same type of product, or adding, for example, warranties which relate to the product.


On the other hand, cross-selling aims to get the customer to spend more money by adding more products from other categories than the product being purchased. For example, when buying a laptop, you might suggest the customer to buy a printer. Merchants need to be careful when cross-selling, making sure they offer relevant products to avoid confusing the customer.

Cross-selling and up-selling effectively can result in boosting revenue. This sales strategy is responsible for an estimated 10-30% of increased business profits. Read more about cross-selling.

2. Keeping in touch

In order to maintain contact with customers, a company needs to find ways to keep in touch, without bothering the clients. Businesses should find ways to build the customers’ trust and credibility by having a regular personal communication with them.

Social media is an obvious and direct form of communication with customers. Using social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…) a business can get direct feedback from customers and learn about what they want and expect from their brand. Having conversations with them will add value to their customer experience and increase the chances of repeat business if they are already customers/clients.
Businesses often use direct mail to market their product(s)/service(s) as well as keeping in touch with their clients. Not many businesses do this well, so having a personalised way to build trust with customers gives your business the competitive edge.

Calling customers has to be done correctly so they don’t feel like they are being pressured or pestered. Businesses should use it to simply check on their customers; reminding them of the products they have to offer or even suggesting help with a recent purchase.
Regular, quality communication in response to clients’ needs will deliver real value customer experience and shows your business is being proactive.

Keep in touch with clients regularly to help generate quick sales.

3. Referrals

"People would prefer do business with people they know, or know of, than with strangers." A personal recommendation is much more valuable than a cold call. A business has to ask for referrals as most people won’t just give it them unless they truly deserve it.

Every business contact has the potential to connect you to many more business leads and it is vital to pursue them. Providing exceptional products and services could lead onto obtaining referrals.

Companies should make it a habit; always thinking about ways to get referrals. For example, when working with a new customer, referrals could be a part of the initial agreement.
A business could benefit from asking associates, acquaintances and prospects, for referrals. You never know where your next customer could come from.

4. Promotions

Offering promotions to customers will make them want to use the product/service. It’s a way to generate awareness for your product/service and may offer a cheaper price (for example). This could instigate the client's realisation of your product/service. By setting a time frame to these promotions, you can create a sense of urgency and thus increase demand.

5. Networking

Networking with other people and businesses is vital to success. Companies should take any opportunity to educate people about what their company does and its benefits. Building networks will create a lasting impression.

Use your contact database effectively & maximise your potential to generate quick sales!

6. Trade Shows

At trade shows, the main aim is to attract the attendees to your booth. To do this, a company needs ways to interact with the customers as well as attractive banners to stand out. Interactive elements such as surveys, touch screens, product/service demonstration are key ways to get a client’s attention. Prior to a trade show, a business should know the details of the trade show, demographics and number of attendees (among others).
A business can promote their booth at a trade show by using direct mail or social media. Staff at trade shows should have sufficient knowledge about the company’s products and services so that they can have intelligent conversations with the attendees and hopefully, generate quick sales.

7. Partnerships

Businesses can benefit from partnering up, as this can give you a new perspective, which is a powerful catalyst for innovation. New ideas and new ways of work can be an eye opener to businesses struggling to generate quick sales. Partnerships can help both parties in minimising risks, and creating effective protocol to deal with unexpected situations.

Some strategies work better for some companies than for others, but there is no harm in trying out these different approaches to generate quick sales, and it is up to you to experiment and see what works best for your business. Generating quick sales can be difficult for small businesses, hence why they shouldn’t shy themselves from exploring different and innovative ways to do so.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and hopefully it has given you an insight on how your business can grow and boost revenues by generating quick sales!
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