Why and How to Create a Marketing Plan?

As you may already know this week is all about marketing plans. Why you need them and how to create them. Below is a quick snapshot on how you should actually start to build one out.

Why do i need one?

Well having a marketing plan will allow you to understand what your customers really want and what they are actually willing to pay. You can also find out what it is that your customer wants and what they are willing to pay for it. Having a solid marketing plan will also present you with the tools and tactics you need to use in order to achieve your sales goals. In a nutshell your marketing plan should be like a guide that your company lives by.

Where Should I start?

You need to start by evaluating where you are now right now.

  • How do your customers find you?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses
  • What are some of the Issues you might face


After you’ve figured out where you are now you need to start creating your plan…

  1. Describe your audience- You need to know key things like demographics- age, gender, earnings, location etc. How often do they purchase products/services like yours
  2. Marketing Goals- Write down your specific goals and make them measurable. For example are you looking to increase your sales by 20%                   
  3. Channels and tactics you will use. This is probably the most important part. Once you have identified your prospects and your marketing goals you need to figure out how you will reach out to your prospects and accomplish your goals. You need to figure out what is the best way to reach your audience. Is it online, offline or both. If it’s online you might want to consider using social media (twitter, FB, Linkedin etc). Do you have a website? Where will your customers find you? Do you have an SEO strategy? Will you use a paid marketing strategy to reach your audience- eg PPC, FB ads, linkedin ads etc. If it’s offline (although you might still need a website), will you be handing out leaflets, cold calling, product exhibitions, marketing events and trade shows.

Your Marketing Budget

How much will the marketing tactics outlined in the previous step cost you.

  • For example,  if you are doing a google adwords campaign how much do you need to spend to reach your target audience
  • Will you be outsourcing the marketing to an agency or will you be employing a marketing person. How much will this cost?

When is the best time to send an email?

When creating your email campaign do you give much thought to the time and day you are sending it out at. Believe it or not the time you press send will make a big difference on how many people open it up and how many people click on it. Luckily for you we have listed the best times to send out your campaign in regards to six specific industries.

Heres a quick summary.

  • Weekdays see 85% of marketing emails opened
  • 24% of all emails sent were clicked between 4-6pm
  • The best time to send an email is midweek between Tuesday and Thursday
  • Mid morning and mid afternoon see the highest engagement rates (10am and 2pm)

B2B Best day to send: Tuesday Best time to send: 8-10 am

Ecommerce Best day to send: Wednesday Best time to send: 10 am

Marketing Services (wink, wink) Best day to send: Wednesday Best time to send: 4 pm

Software/Saas Best day to send: Wednesday Best time to send: 2-3 pm

Offline retail/Hospitality Best day to send: Thursday Best time to send: 8-10 am

Source: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/when-is-the-best-time-to-send-an-email-marketing-campaign-infographic/506672/

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