What is Social Media Marketing?

We all know how much of an impact social media has had in the last decade. For some people it has become part of them. The kids can probably attest to this. Apart from the tweets about football transfers and Game of Thrones business actually use the various social media platforms for business. If you are not convinced that it can be used for business watch the video down below for some mind blowing stats.

If you would like 33 free social media marketing tools for your business 


Are you making these social media marketing mistakes?

Social media has been a global communication tool for years now and has grown to a scale which no-one could have predicted.Social media has been a global communication tool for years now and has grown to a scale which no-one could have predicted.

Social media allows freedom of expression for brands – which can be either a blessing or a curse – dependant on who’s been left in charge of the accounts.

And when it comes to social media ‘etiquette’ we are all probably ‘guilty’ of the following in both our professional and personal lives...

Leaving the accounts to gather dust

Ignoring your audience

Posting when emotional

Switching between personal and professional accounts

Automated responses – leave it to the telephone bankers

The video will go in a bit more detail but if you know the importance of social media

Marketing Minute Email Marketing- 5 reasons why it's still great!

For some reason as time goes on more and more people think that email marketing is dead. This is funny because if you ask the same people if they use email, they will most likely say yes. And they probably use it everyday. Yes there are other new forms of marketing channels that have crept up over time but to be honest email is still number one. So instead of me blabbing along here just watch the video below which will give you five reasons why email is still dominant.

Alternatively, if you already know email marketing is important but you still haven't grasped how to utilise it properly 

Top 5 Email Marketing Service Providers

There are literally 100's of email marketing companies out there that you can choose to use as you email service provider. However, picking one that suits your needs can be a real pain due to the number of options. Lucky for you we have compiled a list of five (in no particular order) that we feel you should seriously consider.


Probably one of the most user friendly so there is no need to worry about too much technical jargon The other great thing is there basic package is free. Even there email automation is now free. This means you can have emails that automatically go out to your subscribers without having to manually send them out, all for free.

Dot Mailer

This one is great as it can seamlessly integrate with your CRM software.  It is a bit pricier than most other providers but what you can do with it is amazing.

Campaign Monitor

This is another very user friendly kit. You can easily create templates that you can use again and again. They wont break the bank either as their pricing plans start from $9.


Just like Dot Mailer aweber can also integrate very well with 3rd party applications. With plans starting at $19 per month they are not the priciest option either so that is another plus.


Getresponse is quite similar to aweber with matching price plans and email marketing options. You will often find reviewers comparing the two side by side. However an added benefit of using get response is their native landing page builder.

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