Social Media Trends…What to expect in 2018

As social media has become one the main modes of communication, if not the number 1…consumers are now wanting brand marketing to become more personalised. But yet at the same time the rise of automation is there for all to see as it offers digital marketers a new method to pass on the day-to-tasks and concentrate on the most important thing…you the consumer. Without a doubt, digital marketing will continue to move toward these two poles in 2018Here’s a look at what else lies ahead in the world of digital marketing in 2018, and how businesses can prepare. 1. Consumers are reacting more to unfiltered, authentic moments than perfectly designed content I mean who doesn’t love a studio set photo with all the trimmings of photoshop…but these images can sometimes hinder brands trying to show off their authenticity when it looks a bit forced. That is why businesses are utilising the story modes on various social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat…and it honestly would not surprise me if a super-story platform was launched in 2018 to rule them all! Consumers are looking for honest insights about how brands operate, and they want to connect on a personal level to the brands they follow. Brands that share unfiltered photos and videos, which haven’t undergone heavy editing, can expect to receive more likes, shares, and clicks on their content.

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2. Storytelling is more important than everWe love a story…I mean who doesn’t?The importance of content marketing is old news, but gone are the days when a brand could hire just any copywriter off of Freelancer. As the competition for online attention grows, many digital agencies are looking at journalists to write their key material. With traditional media on a steady decline, creative journalists are out there and looking for work. No to mention agencies as a whole can benefit from hiring writers with reporting and storytelling backgrounds. The demand for high-quality and engaging content is growing yearly, and is expected to continue on this trend for 2018. Readers want to get unique value out of the brands they follow, and in order to compete, agencies will have to step up their strategies – which may mean bringing in more non-traditional talent.3. Automation is here to stayBy mid-2018 machines may be generating 20% of business content for Social media. But how does that effect small businesses? Chat bots are a great way for a business to provide customer service with automated responses. Millennials have adapted to this technology, with a large percentage claiming they’ve already encountered a bot when dealing with brands. Chatbots can help automate processes, reducing workload for teams and allowing marketers to dedicate more time to creative projects like content creation.Even top brands are using bots to automate their content - The New York Times admitted recently to using bots to help coordinate posts across their several pages. These bots may even do a better job of predicting engagement than their human counterparts, so expect to see them making a big impact on marketing in 2018.4. Competition for video views will increaseVideo is the way forward, with every social channel embracing video and ways for individuals to share it. Video is the most consumed media online. In fact, it's predicted that by 2020, up to 80% of online content will be video. Already in 2017, 90% of all content shared by social media users includes video.Video is here to stay. But with that said it means the competition for videos to get traction is rising. You have 3 seconds to grab the viewers’ attention before scrolling. So keep that in the back of your mind when going through the content creation process. Optimizing video content for viewing with sound on or off will also be important since most social networks automatically keep videos silent unless you click on them. The experience should be good for all viewers, whether they listen or not.Finally, make sure to consider the reasons for making a video in the first place. Video is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Your audience will want to know how your video content can help them solve their own problems, so if they don’t see any value, they'll keep scrolling.As with 2017, 2018 will be an ever changing landscape across the social media landscape, so be sure to be willing to bend, move, change direction and try something new.

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6 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Marketing Agency

If you have ever been on the fence about whether you need to hire a marketing agency you are not alone. Many small businesses aren't sure when they should hire an agency or if they should hire one at all. So in this podcast we have outlined 6 signs that tell you, you need to hire an agency.

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Turn Customers into Repeat Buyers with Email Marketing

We once proclaimed that the ‘Death of Email Marketing’ had been greatly exaggerated and to be honest, we still think we are right. Email marketing is still a great way of communicating with customers and potential customers…and it is also a great way to turn your customers into repeat buyers.

Firstly, it generates more profit than looking for new business and, it's one of the primary goals of selling - reselling to existing customers.

Then add in FOMO! – or in its proper full vanicular ‘Fear Of Missing Out’. As human beings you would not be human if you didn’t get FOMO on occasion, whether it be staying in for a night in front of the TV instead of heading out with friends only to find out they have the best night ever…major FOMO can occur then or whether it be missing out on a great deal because you have been indecisive. The trick is to get customers to get major FOMO when it comes to any offers or products you may have…the guys at Apple seem to have it down to a tee.

So how do you create a sense of FOMO, so customers will come back and buy from you, well…

Don’t let fears or reservations creep into your customer’s psyche. It is essential that you make them feel confident and empowered about their decision to purchase your product. A few reinforcements here and there will help immensely.

Educate your customers – this is one of the most important things you can do to keep them buying from you – very few businesses do a good job of educating customers – this can be through newsletters, videos, simple blog or even a podcast like this one

Hints, tips and helpful ideas on how a customer can improve their business is always a winner. They will appreciate your concern and interest in their wellbeing – and the fact you are doing it for free also helps. That’s not to say you give all your secrets away for free… ;-) Here's an infographic we did recently that does this exact thing

Say "thank you" regularly. Nothing is more important than saying "thank you." Who doesn’t like being thanked for something. Even if it is a call to say thanks for buying or even follow up calls 3 months later to see how they are doing with their purchase. As a famous supermarket says ‘Every Little Helps’

Ask your customers for their opinions. The finest form of flattery is “What are your thoughts?” – they will feel valued that you find their opinion significant. You can use something like Survey Monkey for this

Make your customers feel important. Congratulate them on their achievements and comment on positive things about their business. Life in the trenches isn't always easy – let them know they are doing a great job.

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When is the best time to send an email?

When creating your email campaign do you give much thought to the time and day you are sending it out at. Believe it or not the time you press send will make a big difference on how many people open it up and how many people click on it. Luckily for you we have listed the best times to send out your campaign in regards to six specific industries.

Heres a quick summary.

  • Weekdays see 85% of marketing emails opened
  • 24% of all emails sent were clicked between 4-6pm
  • The best time to send an email is midweek between Tuesday and Thursday
  • Mid morning and mid afternoon see the highest engagement rates (10am and 2pm)

B2B Best day to send: Tuesday Best time to send: 8-10 am

Ecommerce Best day to send: Wednesday Best time to send: 10 am

Marketing Services (wink, wink) Best day to send: Wednesday Best time to send: 4 pm

Software/Saas Best day to send: Wednesday Best time to send: 2-3 pm

Offline retail/Hospitality Best day to send: Thursday Best time to send: 8-10 am


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