Why Facebook Matters- Marketing Minute

Why Facebook Matters

Facebook is still to this day the biggest social media platform. It's a great way to connect with long lost friends or to find out what your kids are up to (just joking don't do that). But most importantly Facebook is still a great tool for businesses. But why is it so important. Well, this video will give you all the stats to boggle your mind...

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Marketing Minute- Web Development

In this weeks episode of Marketing Minute we are talking web development! How many times has someone said you need a website? I'm guessing a lot! If you have a website have you ever wondered why? What is the goal of your website. Is it to generate leads, educate your audience or just show off your products? And how do you track who visits your site. How long do they stay on your site for? These are all important questions that you should probably be thinking about.

If you know the importance of a website and need one built