7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Video (infographic)

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Video is essential in Marketing

Video is an amazing tool. You can literally shoot a video from anywhere in the world. You don't even need fancy equipment to shoot them Just pull out your smartphone and hit record. Video can do wonders for your business. If you are not using video to market your business you are missing out. Watch this weeks segment of Marketing Minute to see why video is so important! Enjoy!

Do you know where to find royalty free videos for your marketing needs? Click here and we will give you access!

4 Royalty Free Video Sites

1. Pexels is probably one of the most well known royalty free video sites. They have thousands upon thousands of videos so you should never be short of content you can use.

2. Videvo have what they call their “Videvo Standard License”. Which basically means that any video under this license can be used without crediting the original author.

3. Pixabay is another popular choice for royalty free videos. They also  have tons of free videos that you can use.

4. Videezy is another great choice for Free HD Stock Videos, b-roll, backgrounds, and other cool free video footage. Whatever your project is, big or small, they probably have something for you.


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Embrace Video- It's Simple

For some reason people seem to think that video has to be this state of the art cinematic experience. No. Unless you are shooting the next Star Wars movie, you can relax. All you need are a few simple tools that you probably already have at your disposal. Recording video has never been so easy. If you would like to know just how easy it can actually be watch the video below.

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The Power of Video!

As you might already know video is big! You've probably watch at least one video today. Most people would rather watch a video than read through a wall of text. In this video we talk about the stats that prove video is number one. We will also talk about how video is crucial for your business.

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