Comments or Post?

I am sure by now you have heard the necessity of using the correct hashtags in order for your posts to be found on instagram, twitter, Facebook and even linkedin. But using them correctly is crucial. today we are going to go through some do's and don't's in hashtag.  1. DO- Read more…

By Coretium, ago

Customer Experience

Are the days of 'The customer is always right' gone the way of the dodo? With literally millions of options, are we now a species of price or does the experience of the customer journey still matter? The above questions plague small businesses every day. With margins at an all-time Read more…

By Coretium, ago

Video is Essential

The excuses of cost/time/experience no longer apply when talking about using video in your marketing campaign. With the mobile phone you carry around in your pocket you can create wonders that can and will drive new traffic to you business. But the reality is, you NEED to do it. Your Read more…

By Coretium, ago