5 tips to get your website converting more

Digital is the ‘in-thing’ at the moment in all walks of life, including marketing. So why do many businesses tend to forget the most basic part of digital – a user friendly website. Was your website built to win awards or new customers?Was your website built user friendly to generate sales for your company? Does your website look great but not generating leads? Here are 5 simple ways to get your website working for you…Contact Information;When someone visits your website make it easy for them to contact you whether it be by phone, in person or online (email or contact form) – why make your contact information a treasure map. If visitors can’t find this information, then they’re more likely to leave. Phone Number – Make it nice and big to read & on every page.Contact Form – Lots of searches happen after normal business hours, making it vital that contact forms are on your website. They should also be easy to fill out. Address – it sounds pretty obvious, but this verifies to people that they are viewing a local company. It can also help establish that initial trust. Write unique content;Content is King! As is the famous saying. This doesn’t mean going around peeling stuff off from around the interweb though. Creating unique content will build trust from your visitors and also avoid penalised by search engines. But now you’re thinking, but I don’t have time to blog every day or what have you…but unique content can range from writing about your company in the about us section, writing about your services or products or doing a meet the team page.
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Use strong call to actions;This goes back to the first point of having your contact information ready and available to any visitors. Make it as easy as possible for potential clients to contact you by using solid call to actions – even as something as simple as ‘PRESS HERE’ can make the difference.Integrate your tools:Make your website user-friendly – not just for your visitors but for you too. By using tools you already use onto your website it can make things easier for you. E.g – something as simple as an appointment calendar or a chat function feature can help conversions increase. For something a bit more complex, you can integrate your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to your website so when a contact form is filled out it is added automatically to your database and ready for you to use. Using WordPress;Now you may think that designing a website is a bit like The Matrix – only ‘The One’ can do it what with all the binary code and html etc…but with WordPress that is all a thing of the past. It allows you to manage your content, images, videos and any other data without having to learn that pesky HTML or coding.

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Main Components of a Website (infographic)

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What does a website cost in 2017?

Website costs in 2017

Having a website in 2017 is crucial. If you are a business you should have a website. However, it can get quite hectic with all the things you need to consider when you have finally decided to take the plunge and get your self a website. You need to know what the purpose of your website is, who it should consist of and more importantly how much it will cost. With so many web development companies out there it can be hard to figure out how much a website will cost you. Some will charge you an arm and a leg and some will charge you less. We are just here to let you know where we stand.

There is obviously the option of you creating the website your self. That would probably be the cheapest option. However it might take you a long time if it's your first time. So what might seem to be a cheaper option might actually end up costing you a lot in terms of time.

Some basic costs 

 Domain Name

This goes without saying but you need a domain name. This can cost anywhere from £3 to 20. This will usually be a yearly cost.Top level domains like .com, .co.uk and .net tend to cost more. If the name you want has already been taken, you may be able to reach out to the owner and offer to buy it off them. Beware though because this may cost you a lot.


You will also need hosting. Without boring you with all the technical details, just think of it like a home for your website. It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It can cost you around £20 per month.


The Cost of Building a Website

Cost of a basic website

We can't speak for other companies but this is what we charge for a basic website.

Domain and Set Up-  £20-40
Design & Development- £500
Ongoing Maintenance- £20 per month

Total Cost- 540-£560


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Is your website collecting dust on the interwebs?

Have you ever considered why you have a website? Or what the purpose of your website is?

If you have created a website just for the sake of having one it's probably just collecting dust on the interwebs.

There are a number of things to consider once you have built your website or you plan on building one. The video (it's a podcast really) below will outline some of the things you should consider when building out your website.

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