The date is the 12th December and there are 13 days left till well you know…in yester year this may have been a cause for panic with only 2 weekends left of Christmas shopping available to the general public, yet in 2018 the mood is quite sombre and relaxed when it comes to Christmas shopping, well mostly.

Why is it quite sombre? Well that question is easy…Online shopping coupled with next day delivery.

You can literally buy anything off the internet these days with a lot of companies offering that magical offering of ‘Next Day Delivery’.

For example, I just had the boss use my South American Jungle Prime account (think about that one…got it, ok we can move on) to order for something for one of her family members to be delivered to the office tomorrow afternoon. No fuss, no stress and even better no standing around in a queue the size of the River Nile on a Saturday wishing to be anywhere but there.

Have we now gone completely digital? Is the age of the local shop owned by the same family for the last 100 years coming to an inevitable end? I certainly hope not.

The question is can these shops compete with the likes of the online South American Jungle, and the answer is yes. There is a reason that they have been around for so many years and been successful, they just need to come into the 21st Century and have that online option for their customers.

There will always be those who prefer to walk around a shop and see the product in the flesh, but we are in the age of Netflix and Deliveroo over going to the pub and actually talking to people…maybe it’s a Millennial thing or just the ramblings of a soon-to- be middle aged man, who knows?

Christmas is changing, especially the build up to it with all things digital and what not, but the essence of it bringing people together should always be there.

If you feel it’s time for you to join the digital age, please do get in touch with us via email, phone call, carrier pigeon or smoke signal…we cater for all.

Happy Holidays everybody! 🙂