Comments or Post?

Comments or Post?

I am sure by now you have heard the necessity of using the correct hashtags in order for your posts to be found on instagram, twitter, Facebook and even linkedin. But using them correctly is crucial. today we are going to go through some do's and don't's in hashtag. 

1. DO- Use hashtags relating to your brand, your industry or a trending event if it is relevant.

2. DON'T- Promote your brand or business and then look to see what hashtag is trending and end your post with #WorldCup. Your message will not only get lost in the mix, but it was a waste of time for you to post. If you are having a World Cup sale- that makes sense, but not just trying to be seen. 

3. DO- Use up to 30 hashtags on instagram. Now this may seem like overkill. But instagram users search out hashtags more frequently than other social media sites. So using as many as possible (rule of thumb is 30) does increase your chance for your brand to be found.

4. DON'T or MAYBE DO- When it comes to instagram there is an ongoing debate between adding the # to the caption of the photo or in the comments section. This is tough one. A few small accounts have tested and it has shown that caption had higher likes,  but larger brands have done the same and had higher engagement in the content section. With this one, it is a matter of trial and error. The mighty algorithm tend to be fickle, so if you crack the Da Vinci code, I would keep it to myself.  

5: DO- Use hashtags on linkedin. The platform itself has seen how important highlighting the content of a post with a hashtag can be, that they are creating an AI, to give you options of what # to use. 

SO go forth and # your way through your social channels.

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