Our musings…or more commonly known as a Blog

Our musings…or more commonly known as a Blog

Right show of hands…and be honest here. How many of you wake up in the morning on a weekday and the first thing you think of is “What excuse can I use to not go to work…?” 😉

And then all of a sudden as if by magic you find yourself sat at your desk at 9am ready to tackle the day…

But let’s rewind a few hours to just after that initial thought of not going in, because let’s be real it literally is only a few seconds you think like that because then you remember that you have bills to pay, midnight Amazon spur of the moment purchases and a holiday to Vegas with the boys/girls isn’t going to pay for itself, so you slowly summon the power of Greyskull to get out of bed and then proceed with whatever morning rituals one might undertake before going to work i.e. visit to the bathroom, shower, breakfast, turning on the radio, getting lunch ready etc.

You may have noticed that I missed out one key element – getting dressed or more to the point choosing what to wear for work.

Now for those who work in a profession where a uniform is required this is a bit of a non-issue because you have to wear a uniform and nothing will change that, yet for the rest of us (me included) who do not have a uniform life can be tough sometimes when getting dressed.

Making sure your shirt/polo shirt/t-shirt matches with your trousers/jeans – that your favourite jumper can be used one more time before you give it a whirl around the washing machine. I think I spend more time trying to find an ‘outfit’ for work everyday…and what’s even worse is that on your daily commute to work we all have the usual suspects we normally see on the bus, train platform etc and you sometimes wonder if they are judging you by your fashion choices too.

And all of this before 7:15am too!!!! It’s just too much.

Choosing what you wear for work may sound like something which is quite insignificant but it also allows you to express yourself in who you are, and get you going to face the day & the challenges that come with it. There are a lot of people out there who work better when they are in comfortable in what they wear, so I say wear those clothes to work like the superhero you are and kick arse whilst doing it.

Next week we will discuss why ladies are allowed to wear flip flops in the office and men are not… 😉

I’m so gunna get in trouble now with the bosses…Hehe

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