Influencer Marketing…Are you getting it right?

We live in a day and age where ‘Influencer Marketing’ is becoming…well a lot more influential. The tidal wave of sports, movie and reality stars promoting something via social media (mainly Instagram) is getting quite scary. Yet in the 2nd quarter of 2018, global advertising spend on Instagram was up 177% year on year according to research from Merkle*. Marketers are prepared to spend more of their budget on the ever burgeoning social media advertising, with influencer marketing rising.

Influencer marketing can be a great way to tap into specialised markets and widen the reach of whatever product is being flogged…yet are marketing companies actually choosing the right influencers in the first place and is it being seen by consumers who will actually reach into their wallet, get out the trusty plastic and click on the confirm order button…?

Big numbers does not always mean big engagement…

A little scenario for you all…You are a cosmetics company and have just come up with the best lipstick colour since colours were invented. You and the board are very excited about unleashing this on the market and have decided to use influencer marketing. You trawl through various social media accounts and find a female who has 1.3 million followers on Instagram and you can see that she has promoted various other cosmetics products in the past…Absolute certain winner right? Wrong.

On closer inspection you delve deeper into her followers upon which you realise that 90% of her followers are men!!! Hold on a sec that means over 1 million of her followers will be seeing her promote your lipstick and the majority will have absolutely no interest in purchasing it, thus making her ‘influence’ very small and not very relevant. This is not what you signed up for. This is why when using ‘influencers’ on social media to make sure that their followers are indeed your right demographic otherwise you will be barking up the wrong tree.

Think about choosing someone who has fewer followers but a more engaged community. If you are selling a sports drink, why not get a PT who is engaged with their audience and actually uses their Instagram for educationa purposes  – not only will you be strengthening those engagement ties you’ll be keeping a few more notes in ye olde wallet. Win win. Sounds simple right?

So once you have chosen your influencer, please do not hand them the Magna Carta of telling them exactly how you want them to ‘influence’ – the reason you chose them in the first place was because of the way of they engaged with their community and how they tell a story, if you get them to all of a sudden complete change lanes, users will not like it and could turn on the influencer or worse you. Of course give them a few guidelines etc, but let them take care of the creativity, that’s the reason you are paying them.

Finally, any content they do build, at least retweet, regram or like it…don’t let it drift off into the sea like Leo in Titanic, use that content to market your product.

And remember that influencer marketing is still a wet behind the ears kid in school and will make a few mistakes along the way before finding its feet.

For more information about influencer marketing, please do get in touch and we will try to ‘influence’ you as best we can. 🙂  

*Figures and basis of article from Social Media Today - 

Photo by Eaters Collective on Unsplash