The truth about why you need marketing…

The truth about why you need marketing…

Over the years I have heard many reasons why businesses choose to not do marketing. Some of my favourites are ‘all my customers find me’, ‘marketing is far too expensive’ and ‘marketing people don’t really do anything, they take my money but don’t bring me sales’. Now if you fall into any of above 3 examples… read below.

Shockingly I have heard ‘my customers find me’ or ‘all my business is word of mouth’, more time than I can remember. Now in reality word of mouth is the best form of marketing, but how long do you really think that will last. Say you run a business and you have a nice client base that provides you with a nice income, chances are someone is going to notice this, set up shop near you, charge less and run marketing campaigns to poach some of your clients. You may say, ‘They won’t steal all my clients’! But how many can you afford to lose? In business if you aren’t growing, you are dying. More on that later.

Next up is ‘marketing is far too expensive’. Now the question you need to really ask is ‘how much is a new customer worth to me?’ If a marketing campaign can bring you more customers and achieve the agreed upon goals, how is that too expensive? It is an upfront cost, but it is actually an investment in your business. To reach targets set by your business you need new customers buying new goods or services, the cost of those is real and that cost has value.

Last but certainly not least, ‘marketing people don’t really do anything, they take my money but don’t bring me sales’. Ok, this one is going to be a bit harsh…It is not marketing job to close sales. I can bring customers to your site or door, I can have them ready to buy, wallet out, but if you drop the ball, ruin the sale or fail to perform, that is not a marketing fault. Marketing is lead generation, no one knows your product or service better than you do. But hey, if you want to hire us to close your sales for you, ok, but the hourly rate will be high.

Look, no matter what you think about it, marketing is a necessary evil. I know that a lot of companies have been burned in the past by shady marketing tactics or sold a dream and delivered a nightmare, unfortunately it happens. But there are some good agencies out there who understand the value of a £ and make it a point not to just call when the payment is due. In no way am I am saying we are the only option, but I am saying we are one of the options. If any of this email rang true on your thoughts on marketing and I have been able to persuade you to take chance, feel free to fill out the form below or call 020 7537 6602. 

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