Every business has a website right? Well to be honest this isn’t technically true…Not going to lie the amount of people that we speak to saying they do not have a website is incredible. Now this is for various reasons – ranging from having just started trading not wanting a website to not knowing how to go about building one…

Websites are crucial – for one you are reading this article on a website – and without it, getting anybody to read it apart from those within a physical distance from me would be very difficult. Websites allow you to spread your message far and wide, high and low, socially and postally – technically not a word but it sounds good.

Now think about when you advertise your business…where is the one place you send new and existing customers, that’s right your website! So if you don’t have one or even worse still you have a website which has the user experience which drives customers crazy and drive them to a competitor, trust me it happens all the time – a new website is a must.  

Then when you supplement this with PPC or SEO – well actually SEO is nigh one impossible to do without a website in the first place and PPC, well if you don’t have a landing page which backs up your advert was there really any point doing it in the first place?

A website can be a simple 1-3 page website or an all singing all dancing site – but you need to have some online presence to make sure people know about you.

If you have made through this mini-rant, then bravo. But if you’ve made it this far and realise that you need some help with your website – please do get in touch with us.

Or just watch the video of the handsome chap below… 😉