Recently a client asked why we have a minimum 3 month policy on services like PPC, SEO and SMO. Now it may seem like the boss is greedy and just wants money coming in for 3 months, but in reality there is a method to the madness. When it comes to things like SEO and SMO, a significant increase and growth can occur very quickly due to just fixing glaring errors, so the companies providing the service can look like a superstar. But in month 2 if that initial jump doesn't continue to skyrocket you may get discouraged to carry on. Then comes month 3, the intial fixes are made, the fine tuning is finished and the work that is put it can show what the real success of the campaign is and will continue to be. 

You should look at it this way.

Month 1- Fixing any errors, you may have made or the previous agency made (if they didn't make errors, you wouldn't have hired us) which can be time consuming or very easy, unfortunately there is no way of knowing until you get started. Homework is assigned to clients, be it contacting new enquirers back in a timely manner or agreed upon extra activities that a client has agreed to do. Included this month is weekly calls to catch up and see how business is going and a monthly report to show activity that has been done. 

Month 2- Now comes the creativity. For SEO this is where the back-links come in full force and with SMO this is creating the engaging content to drive the traffic.  I know, I know, I know, Account Managers are flawless and any negative impact is because of the industry not our campaigns. BULLSHIT! Now I doubt you will ever read this on a marketing agency blog again, but guess what we are humans, errors can be made. Included in this month is weekly calls to catch up and see how business is going and a monthly report to show activity that has been done. 

Month 3- Fixing any errors that may have been made in month 1 or 2 by looking at the analytics and re-enforcing the brands messaging and tone of voice. This is also the time we sit down with the clients and review if it was a failure or success. 

Unfortunately no matter what an agency tells you, there is no magic formula that is guaranteed to get you more sales. In fact if a marketing agency guarantees you sales, you should do one of two things: 1) Set their sales targets and pace set them throughout the work day to see exactly where they are at in order to hit that target. 2) RUN!!!! Marketing is not sales. Marketing will bring the customers in your door, to your website or to your business, but YOU will be closing the sales. 


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