5 Things to Experience During Your Annual Leave

5 Things to Experience During Your Annual Leave

If you are planning to book some time of work and are wondering what you should do with all that time. We have outlined 5 cool things you may want to try out. They are in no particular order because they are all awesome. Some are in the UK most aren’t, choose your pick.

  1. France Fragrance Tour

If you love smelling great  and desperately want to relieve yourself from the hot, stuffy and smelly commute to work on the train in the morning, then this fragrance tour in France is just what you need.  Not only will you find out what goes into these fantastic perfumes but you will also be armed with knowledge about the history of perfumery which you can boast about to your friends on your return. You may even get the opportunity to meet the makers behind some famous brands. For just £21 for the whole tour it’s a steal.

  1. Paddle through Dublin

If you’d like something a bit closer to home then have a look at this. For just £54 per head you can paddle through some of Irelands most iconic landmarks like the Ha’Penny Bridge. After a quick safety briefing you will be let loose to paddle freely as your heart desires.

  1. Barcelona Highlights on a Sidecar

Do you fancy a bit more of a thrill? Then this motorcycle sidecar ride exploring the best of Barcelona might be what you are looking for. At £48 you’ll get a brilliant tour guide who will explain the history and culture while relaxing in your sidecar looking at the beautiful scenery.

  1. Surfing in Japan

If you are a bit more energetic and want to do something a bit more wild. Than look no further because surfing in Japan will get your heart pumping like there’s no tomorrow. What you get for the money (£57) is nothing compared to the thrill you will experience. After all the boring safety stuff is out the way, you will get a few warm up sessions before you can head out to the wild waves and have your way with them.

  1. Experience Coffee like Never Before

Are you a coffee lover? Can’t live without your fix in the morning. This is Another one closer to home for you UK folks. Then sit tight because this coffee tour is perfect for you. With coffee beans fresh from Kenya you can experience the real thing in Kingston, London. You will even get the chance to roast and brew own coffee before taking some home to try. The best thing is you will take away some skills so you can taste the Kenyan experience every day when sipping your morning coffee.


There are obviously a lot more you can do but we would be here all day. This is just Coretium’s favourite 5!


All of the above can be found over at airbnb.com