A day in the life…

A day in the life…

5:30/5:45am – The first alarm goes off for the day, the eyes slowly open, the arm slowly moves towards the iPhone that keeps on making that incessant noise that tells me that my day has started. Not going to lie, sometime accidently on purpose the snooze button is pressed a few times. Haha.

6am – Stumble towards the bathroom to attempt to wake myself and get showered…I find turning the cold water tap on, leaving it for a few seconds and then throwing some on your face works wonders. 😉

6:45am – Washed, changed and generally looking a lot better than an hour ago it’s one last essentials check (Phone, keys, lunch etc), radio off and a quick glance in the mirror and it’s time to venture out into the big bad world ready to face the rat race called London and the TFL.

8:20am – Bleery eyed from a snooze on the tube (I mean who doesn’t) plus the fact the sunlight comes through really hard when going up the escalator at Canary Wharf to exit the final leg of my journey into the office commences with a walk over the bridge (weather dependent and/or leg day at the gym the previous day dependent too). Haha

8:35am – Stroll into work, normally armed with a bag full of fruits and an Ice-Tea (yep, you read that right). Sit down, turn on the computer, log on and then let the day unfold…

9:00am – Team standing flash meeting – well I say 9am but sometimes it can be 5 or 10 past dependent on what time the boss gets in – normally factored in on whether he’s had a flat tyre on his bike.

Then…I can’t really timeline the rest of the day as then between 9am and the time I leave the office – never before 6pm –  is filled with client calls, client delivery, creating content and videos, admin, market research, training, meetings and the most important…lunch. 😉

Then it’s back home, unless I decide to frequent one of the many public house establishments in London for some libation from a pint glass J, and the joys of London rush hour! There are many things which people do to get through this – my tip to get through London rush hour is quite simple, make sure you have a banging playlist and if you have Bluetooth headphones to make sure they are fully charged!

Normally get home around 8pm and it’s time to turn off and relax, whether it be lounging on the couch watching rubbish tv, heading to the gym and pretend I am Arnold or even just sticking the radio on and sitting down with a book – whatever you do to switch off continue to do it – you can’t always be at 100% you need to recharge the batteries and refresh your mind.

Now I am sure that most of you can probably all relate to that type of day, day after day but I do have a secret on how to get through it…it’s quite simple really…to have a bit of fun along the way and make a little of time for you during the day. If you need that extra 10 mins to go outside for air or go onto YouTube to watch the latest video of a dog pushing a shopping trolley around the supermarket, then do it! 🙂