Case Studies

Increased Sales: One of our clients sold very niche products and wanted to increase their sales but did not know how. So we called them into Coretium HQ for a meeting over a cup of tea and a few Digestives to see what we could do. Now because the items which they sold were an assortment of handmade bespoke lights which could be used in both residential and commercial properties. We decided the best way for the product to get the maximum exposure was to run a paid Instagram adverts campaign to attract both B2B and B2C – the result was that the client sold out of all his stock and had to stop the adverts till he made more…

Video creation; – not only have created many a video for ourselves (just check out our own social channels) but we have also created mini masterpieces for our clients too. Ranging from filming in our ‘Green Room’ (yes we have one of those) to going out on the Wharf and taking in the scenery whilst you are advertising your product. We make videos bespoke to what you want – we have made videos ranging from 15 seconds long to be used on an Instagram story to 2 minute walk throughs of new build houses.

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Lead Generation; We were asked by one of our clients to generate more leads for their business (they were an online money transfer shop) and they wanted more people to use their service, especially the online service as they could provide better rates for their customers as opposed to going physically into the shop.
We ran targeted Facebook campaigns for a 3 month period in which we collected over 350 leads for our client – they way in which we achieved these results was through a careful selection of keywords, research and working closely with our client each step…i.e. if something wasn’t working we actively tried to improve it.
This then turned into a campaign which was originally only for the UK to across Europe!!!

Websites; where to start? We have built a variety of websites ranging from *drum roll please*

• Property lettings
• Office space look up
• Construction
• International Food brands
• Sustainable Water
• Therapy
• Health Foods
• Jewellery
• Healthcare Providers

And many, many more…we hope to add your business to the list soon. 🙂