Education Based Marketing: Your Business Is At Stake!

Education Based Marketing: Your Business Is At Stake!

Does your business take an education based marketing approach?

Do you teach prospects about your products and service benefits?

People use the internet for two reasons, for entertainment and to solve a problem. The simplest and arguably most effective form of marketing should aim to identify and help solve a problem.

This education based marketing video gives an in-depth analysis and insight into how you can market your business by teaching potential clients how to fix problems they may have. Being perceived as the experts in your field of work will inspire and en-fuel customers with trust in your word and service which will aid your business in increasing the life time value of customers.

Press play on the video below for more on education based marketing.

Are you an expert in your field of work?

Market your business by educating your customers and build a long lasting, trusting business relationship.

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Today’s video is on education based marketing but before I say anything else I just want to make you aware that there will be extra resources available in the description of this video and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments and I shall do my best to reply as soon as I can, especially on the day of upload. Or it could be addressed in another video at a later date.
So if you think about why people choose to purchase something its usually because they have a need for it or they’re influenced to buy it. How do you influence someone to buy something? You can educate them of course! So thats actually the basis of where this video and marketing philosophy comes from.

If we go back to the guiding principles on why people use the internet it’s usually for one of two reasons, entertainment or to solve a problem. Now if you think about it, the easiest form of marketing really, is to solve a problem, and by doing that you’re educating them. By teaching people something they don’t know already you are inspiring them to take action.


Good education is key to influencing someone into buying something. So educate them not only to
solve their current problem but lead into additional problems which you have the solutions to and could possibly result in additional sales. I believe that this is the critical foundational philosophy for all types of digital marketing strategies, any marketing that educates and can inspire as a result of learning is most definitely effective marketing.
The power of education lies within building trust. Think back to your childhood and when you were growing up. If you were getting taught in school often your favourite subjects were usually a result of the teachers and if you had a teacher that made lessons fun it inspired you to think more about the subject you wanted to go to these lessons and learn. It’s not only the quality of education its also because you trusted that teacher.

So bringing that back to marketing, it’s the same principle, if you provide education within your marketing resources instantly you’re building trust with the client and they understand that you know what you are talking about. You will gain the creditability, authority and they will trust what you’re saying and that your products and services are of a good value.
Right lets do a really quick exercise. Think about someone you consider as an influencer or a trusted advisor it could be a member of the family, a work colleague or perhaps your boss. It can be anyone just make sure it is someone you consider as an influencer. How do you feel when you think of that person, does it make you feel safe, at ease, inspired or perhaps motivated? When they offer you sincere heartfelt advice do you usually follow it? And usually if you do it’s often without question? You trust that that person is saying things for your benefit not just theirs. When //you// take the time to educate your potential clients in the right way you start to become one of their influencers.

You may have heard this term influencer marketing which has kind of cropped up in the last few
years, good examples are with celebrity endorsements or getting people who are recognised as
influential in the industry to mention your product or promote it. When an influencer says something people tend to listen. Influencers are people who can change the course of action in industries, niches, physical communities or even just communities in your online spaces. If your potential customers see your business online through your website or perhaps your social media presence think about how you can use this to educate them. I you do, you can get to the stage where they trust you and understand what you are saying and thanks to this you become an influencer. Now they may not act upon this immediately but they’ll always regard you as an influencer so you can use repeat marketing and they will listen to your messages for time to come.
Now lets bring this back into the customer landscape by having a look at this pie chart. As you can
see only 3% of people within your potential clients are actually actively shopping for you. This is
the 3% that are typing in google for the keywords that are relating to your products or services. They are typing in questions along the lines of /how do I solve this problem?/ then going
somewhere to get the problem solved. Next we look at the 7%. These are people open to you
however they do not necessarily know you exist or that you are good enough to solve their
problem. After this comes the 30%, these people are aware for the future so they understand that
there is a problem that needs to be solved just perh aps not now. After that we have another 30% of
people who are completely unaware that the problem exists. For example they could have just
started a new business and that they do not realise the financial or legal implications in terms of
//accountancy// so they just don’t know that there is a problem there that they have to solve they
actually have to hire an accountant and they might just not know it. Then there is the final 30%of
people that just aren’t open to buying and they won’t be interested ever.

So if we think about it that is 67% of your customer landscape that should be marketed to. Now the
problem lies in that tiny 3%. Most marketing in most industries is designed to only reach the 3%
actively looking for the solution. They try to find people who are browsing the internet that are
ready to buy in an instant and just want a quick solution. Business owners do everything they can
to try and get the highly competitive 3% and very few know how to access the whole 67%. When
they have a problem to solve and you have the solution usually all that is needed is a little
education to know that they need it and that you are the right person for the job. So effective education based marketing informs the huge 67% group of your ideal customers as to why they need you right away. See if you take your ideal customers from simply being open aware or unaware to being actively interested and invested in your solution you have tapped in to the whole market and that is kind of where effective content marketing and the whole foundations come together.

If you have got the foundations right and you are really trying to optimize your marketing funnel
then you can tap into the whole potential. The thing is you can be successful only reaching this 3%,
I’m not saying that people don’t make money, if they do it properly then they can. I am just saying it
really isn’t too wise as you are leaving 64% of the people from the 67%. Imagine if you are taking
your client base, your revenue, your profits, any way that you want to measure it and now call that 3% imagine if you times that all the way up to 67% how does that effect your bottom line, your
customer base, your revenue and profits. Well I imagine it’s /at least/ 20x your customer base.

if you are reaching 100 new sales a month you will be reaching hundreds of new sales per month. So instead of just basing your marketing practices and resources on just suiting those who are ready to buy, think about how you can tap into the market that isn’t ready. And of course one of the ways you can do this is by educating them. I wouldn’t go down the lines of trying to sell the problem because some people just won’t have that problem but quite a lot of the time you will find people with related issues.

So for instance lets say someone wanted to increase their search engine rankings, so they type in
looking for an article on how to improve my SEO or something similar. Now a lot of the times they
will think that they just need SEO but then perhaps they’ll visit one of your articles talking about it
and realise that oh actually hold on social signals are playing a huge role in SEO these days
perhaps I need to invest in some social media marketing or wider practices to increase the
diversity of my strategies. They realise that perhaps going with just SEO isn’t the best way of doing
it. So there are those kind of situations where people will be unconscious. How can you tell them
that it is a problem they have? Education! If you were to write a complimentary article at the bottom
or on your sidebar with some sort of a message saying hey did you enjoy this? Then you will
definitely enjoy this other thing we have! Create some sort of interlink between your articles so
when they are digesting your content they can link to more of it and the trust you gain has an
influencer kind of appeal and the chances of them being interested in your services will be likely to
increase. That’s kind of one way of doing it and it works really well with blogging and the whole
content marketing side because creating resources that teach people is the easiest way to market.
Most business will fail because they are in a dog fight for the tiny 3% of active shoppers. A great
example of this actually is in E Commerce stores, they are basically designed.. well most are
basically designed to capture people whilst they’re looking. They will usually have a good presence
on google they might even have a store on ebay or amazon places like that and then on their main
website they’ll aiming to direct traffic to purchase straight away. Now they are only typically tapping
into that 3% it would be a lot better if they had a section on their website, simply an article or any
helpful resources. Any sort of wider content marketing strategy that not only advertises and
promotes the product but educates people about the products and/or why they are needed. This
will attract a wider range of people. Some people will perhaps struggle convincing their bosses or those that would invest money in to this as to how it is a viable strategy because it takes longer to
digest and it won’t give an instant 67% growth in sales. It doesn’t work like that.

What i am really trying to say is, imagine of 67% of people entered your site but only 3% actually
bought something. Imagine being able to turn that 3% into 67% and a way to do this is by creating
fantastic resources that educate on why the products and services are needed and why other
products and services are needed that you can refer, recommend or sell yourself.
Are you already doing educational marketing and finding that it just isnt working so well.. lets have a look at why this may be the case.There are two key elements within education based marketing, the first most people actually tend to get right which is delivering value. Basically have good content. Its easy to just go and outsource articles or spin some with old information that you could easily find elsewhere, but that isn’t providing valuable content and it is never going to go anywhere.

The information you are providing has to be valuable to be able educate. Educate to inspire and inspire to take action. This is the one most people will acheive, they create the e-books, the email marketing series, the templates, webinars and whatever else it might be. They spend time making sure that its good so they know the people downloading it are the right people for their product or service. The part that they don’t understand is to position the sale. Now this is the other key part if you want to tap in to the 67% of your target audience. Most people with an active content marketing strategy that are using education as their philosophy do not have both, most of they time they will focus on delivering value and barely ever position the sale.

So let me give you a quick example two days ago I was talking to a prospective client over the phone and we were talking about the fact that he was starting a fitness programme online, he was a personal trainer, he wanted to try and take the 1 on 1 model to the 1 to many model and he showed me the basic outline of all his set up. His landing page offers an e-book on how to lose weight. My first instinct was that this is a prime example of not positioning the sale. This is because if he has a programme online that is all about fitness and a training regime then its kind of disjointed to offer a free e-book on how to lose weight. He isn’t positioning the sale properly it needs to be a natural evolution to digest the content and then take on the offer of his services. It just doesn’t flow correctly and this is why he isn’t positioning the sale properly.

Now what he could have done and what I suggested is that he think about another kind of
lead magnet. Instead of a free e-book why not run webinars or hold 15 minute free consultations.
This is a way to position the sale properly it doesn’t always have to be article blogs and text it can be face to face it can be tasters it can be all sorts but you know by doing that kind of high value free gift or lead magnet you are positioning the sale perfectly. Not only are they gaining trust but it also gives them a little taster of what they can expect. The problem I mentioned to him about the e-book was that its likely to just be a group of tips that can be found elsewhere and he would be spending x amount of money on advertising to drive people to his landing page to download this ebook that wouldn’t lead on to purchasing his product. He would be paying unqualified leads that will never really enter the most important parts of the funnel which is the bottom piece of course.
People understand that what they are providing must be good to attract people, therefore it is very common for to deliver value. What many don’t understand is that you must use the content to position that sale and that it has to be a natural flow from digesting your content to purchasing your product or service. So, why do /you/ need an education based focus. Just really going back over the points that I have been saying. Firstly instead of only attracting the 3% you have the potential to reach 67% so imagine what that could do to your whole marketing effort. I imagine that I can find a million examples of people that have websites that just have a basic buy button or basic enquiries for and will only ever attract the 3% who are actively searching. All the other people who are thinking about it just kind of need pushing over the edge to see it. If you are not attracting or capturing all of those 67% of people you are basically missing out on a massive potential which an education based focus will tap into.

Trust is important. As an influencer you can become a business that people trust meaning not only are they likely to follow your advice and listen to you they are also likely to refer and recommend you. You’ll see plenty of examples of businesses that attract clients solely on word of mouth marketing because their products and services are that good that people are happy to recommend them to others.

A good example of this that I have is a friend actually. She runs a dog sitting business basically looking after peoples dogs whilst they are on holiday, taking them for walks, pampering and all sorts. Now in the way of education marketing what she does is blog about the dogs she will upload photos on facebook of the dog walks and write articles so that the owners throughout their time on holiday or when they get back can see what their dogs get up to and see that they are well looked after. This will gain trust and they will be more happy to tell their friends/fellow dog owners all about the service. So basically with little to no marketing she has built up quite a good customer base.

Conversion is something that also needs to be thought about so not only can you attract 67% of people instead of 3% you can convert a whole lot more. What you’ll find is that a lot of people have gone on to lets say an ecommerce store and a lot of the time you will get people to the checkout process and then they’ll cancel their order or navigate off. One of the key things here is converting them. A lot of the time one of the biggest reasons people navigate off of a page is because of hidden costs they didn’t realise insurance or tax or postage etc its added and they don’t feel like they can afford it. A way to solve this issue is to educate them beforehand, inform of any hidden costs or just don’t make any costs hidden. Tell them everything about it and instantly you’ve educated them to the point where they haven’t got a reason to navigate off.

The kind of 64% of people that aren’t already on your radar and willing to purchase need something else they need to digest the information they need to trust you they need to get to the point where they are comfortable making a purchase. Really good content that positions the purchase will convert people a lot better than just expecting them to know all about you.

You cant be expecting people to assume you are good in such a competitive market where there are so many people doing the same thing. There is so much choice online it’s easy
to just find some reviews and use those to help make a decision. Good reviews are one of the reasons that this is the time when you need to stand out, have really great content that educates and you’ll find that your conversion rates will go through the roof.

Youll attract more youll retain them more and use them as theyll be happy to refer and recommend and repeat purchases and you’ll have loyal customers and youll convert those that haven’t that you weren’t tapping into before you will convert at a better rate.
So a quick overview of some quick key take aways here education leads to inspiration and builds trust when you educate people you tell them something that they don’t know and it solves their problem not only does it build trust but they get inspired they get motivated to go out and do it.

You’ll see this all the time with not only with inspirational videos as that is kind of an easy option here but times where someones told you about how you can increase your conversion rates most of the time you are going to read the content and if its from someone you who has already given you great content that has already worked youre usually not even going to go on and question it you are just going to go and do it and you might just jump on straight away and try it out you have inspired them to take that action it posititions you as an influencer.

As soon as you have positioned as an influencer that person will listen to actions they will listen to your advice they will click on links from tweets you send theyll read your facebook posts, your new blog articles, if you send emails about promotional offers on new products likelihood is that they are going to go and at least check them out. You position yourself as an influencer amongst your potential customers and things are bound to go well. We have already established that only 3% of people are actively looking for you if you kind of get your head round that and understand that perhaps so far you have only been tapping in to those that are quite likely to find you if you can be found thats kind of stage one because getting an online presence and getting an awareness is kind of stage one stage two is kind of making sure that not only are you converting all 3% of them or a very high percent of that % youre tapping into the other 67% youre tapping into all those people that aren’t just going to visit your website and click buy on a button and you make money you just have to persuade them or influence them or educate them and educational marketing enable you to convert better imagine like for instance on a yoga for instance its an example i keep going back to a few times so you go to a yoga class and they are selling yoga classes and they take bookings online. A lot of the time people when they find that are kind of already looking for yoga classes so they are up to 3% of people that are looking for a yoga class in their area they find one they are very likely to buy they’re actively shopping. Now if i chose people that are looking for weight loss or looking for things to do with their partner on a Wednesday night or any kind of reason that is related and they come across your website now they probably don’t know t a lot about yoga and the health benefits or all the other benefits that come with it and you know social elements now if you can educate them on that and even if it is just as basic as the marketing messages or you know a lead magnet or a high value free gift or educational videos, that kind of tells them about all the benefits of yoga and because people can understand the benefits and the products youre calling to that other 67% you’re going to convert at a much better rate that just that tiny 3% of people. And with that this video has come to an end.

So thank you very much for watching. Don’t forget we will be posting at four videos a month on this channel check back on tuesday to see next weeks. If you have any questions of perhaps topics you would like discussed in a video leave a comment below and before you go take a look in the description as there is some additional helpful information.