Google’s Mobile First Update- (Don’t be scared!)

Google’s Mobile First Update- (Don’t be scared!)

When you’re doing a search I’m guessing most of the time you don’t get out your laptop or desktop PC to do so. Like everyone else you pull your phone out of your pocket and either ask Google or Siri if you need an umbrella!

So it’s only right that Google are doing an update. More people use it. If you want some boring statistic to back that up here are a few.

  • “80% of internet users own a smartphone”

  • “By 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of all US digital ad spending.”

  • “57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site”- (ouch that one hurts right)


It’s probably actually for the best.


Googles mobile first update is probably just months away with some saying the second half of 2017 while others saying early 2018. All we know for sure is it’s definitely coming and you need to prepare well and good for it. Because when Google comes to check if you’ve been good (by good we mean mobile optimised) you may be too late. Prepare early so you can show google that you are worthy to be part of their mighty network.

How should I prepare?

In order to prepare you should first test to see how well your website is doing in terms of mobile. You never know your website might be fine. Don’t be scared, lucky for you we can send you a full report on how well your doing by CLICKING HERE