Part 10 Viral Marketing: Use an RSS Feed

Part 10 Viral Marketing: Use an RSS Feed

Another way to build returning traffic to your site is to provide an RSS

feed. In its current form, RSS stand for “Really Simple Syndication”.

RSS allows someone to place a link on their homepage, website, or

RSS reader that sends an update every time you update the

information on your site.


This is especially popular with news sites and blogs. If you are posting

to your blog every week day, your readers will get an update 5 times a



That means 5 times a week they will be reminded of your name

and your website. This can really work to your advantage because they

are getting that reminder because they asked to be reminded, not

because you are forcing yourself on them.


Every day they have a chance to read your message, and have the

opportunity to visit the main part of your site. The more traffic that

comes to your site on a regular basis, the more sales and advertising

revenue you can generate.


Another way to use RSS feeds is to bring news or information about

your niche that will add value to your site. By putting fresh, up to date

information on your websites main page, you give visitors a reason to

come back to your site on a continuing basis. If they are interested in

your topic, the will return to your site to get updates.


Both uses of RSS are designed to keep your customers coming back.

The more often they come back and get new, useful, or entertaining

material, the more likely they are of spreading the word to their

friends and family, and that is the first step of going viral.