Part 6 Viral Marketing: Request a Referral!

Part 6 Viral Marketing: Request a Referral!

You’ve obviously heard of YouTube.

Millions of people every day view video clips that are stored in the YouTube library. YouTube and Google Videos take advantage of the fact that people are now spending more time in recreational internet surfing than in watching television.

It is another example of not only how people want to be entertained, but also that 21 people want choices. The public has gotten used to being able to choose the entertainment they want, and not be forced to take what is pushed at them.

If you are creative enough, or cutting edge, or wacky enough, you could quickly be the next hot video.

The videos that have the most chance of going viral are ones that deal with current events, especially if you can beat the major news outlets, videos dealing with business issues, and humorous videos. Steven Colbert was a great example of this when clips of his Comedy Central show,

The Colbert Report, were released on YouTube. Despite the objections of the Comedy Central network, when the show was still new, Colbert allowed clips from his show to be posted on YouTube. Within a short period of time his clips went viral, and viewership of The Colbert Report soared.

If you decide this is a method you want to use, make sure you have a fresh idea, and not a rehash of something that has already made the rounds. You don‟t need network quality equipment to produce a decent video.

While you do want decent quality production, the biggest key is great content.

Make your video, and at the end of the clip place a 3 – 5 second promotional slide with the URL for your website so viewers can look for more useful information.

Make sure the landing page you send them to matches the tone of the video.

If the video you use is quirky and humorous, and the landing page is serious and all business, your 22 visitors will only stay for a few seconds before leaving for more entertaining sites.

Once your video is produced, and looks the way you want it to, upload your video onto YouTube and Google Videos.

These sites offer services that allow website owners and users of social network sites like MySpace to place video viewers on their site.

If your video goes viral, not only will potential customers be able to see your video on the host site, but also on all of the personal sites that pick it up. The amount of traffic that could flood to your site is huge.