Part 9 Viral Marketing: Use Social Bookmark Sites

Part 9 Viral Marketing: Use Social Bookmark Sites

Something that has really flourished in recent years is the popularity of

social bookmark sites like Digg, Stumble Upon, and These

sites allow users to search, set bookmarks, organize, read, and rate

anything on the internet.


If something you have written is posted to

one of these sites, other readers get a chance to vote on whether or

not they like it. If someone thinks it is good, and worth sharing, they

can vote for it. The more people vote for it, the higher up in the

rankings it moves.


The higher it goes, more people see it. The more

people see it, the more opportunities there are for someone else to

vote on it, which helps it to rank even higher.


The good part for you is, even if a reader doesn’t vote on your article,

they still might go to your site to see if there is anything else there

that they might like.


One important thing to note is, these social bookmark sites do not like

you to vote for your own articles. In fact, if you do vote for your own,

it could cause it to move lower in the rankings. You have to have

something that other people find interesting enough that they feel

compelled to vote for it.


These sites attract hundreds of thousands of visitors every day. If you

are fortunate enough to have your message ranked toward the top on

one or more of these sites for even one day, the flood of traffic to your

site could be tremendous.