Part 11 Viral Marketing: Provide Free Content For Other Blogs/Websites

Part 11 Viral Marketing: Provide Free Content For Other Blogs/Websites

Another great way to spread the word about your business is to

provide free content to other websites and blogs. Everyone wants

fresh, well written content for their website.


Fortunately for you, not everyone has the time or the ability to do it themselves.

With the ever increasing number of websites and blogs on the internet, there is an

ongoing demand for article writers and guest bloggers. That‟s where

you come in.


By providing free content for someone else to use, they get useful

information on their website, you get your name out, and they pay the

marketing costs. It is a win-win situation for everyone.


Look around for blogs that cover your area of expertise and offer your

services to them. They may want you to show them a sample of your

writing before they are willing to take you up on your offer. After all,

they have their own reputation for quality to consider.


If you have a specific article in mind, you could show them the first couple of

paragraphs. If you are extending an open offer, write a sample article

that shows what you are capable of doing. Just make sure your sample

displays the kind of quality they will be looking for.


After you write your article, you can place a short “About the Author”

paragraph at the end. Included in that paragraph is information about

your business, and more importantly, a link back to your website.


Not only do you get a surge in traffic that comes from their website, but

the more different places your material appears, the better the

chances that one of your pieces will get picked up by one of the social

bookmark sites or another blogger and starts to go viral.