Were you sold a dream only for it to be become a nightmare?

Were you sold a dream only for it to be become a nightmare?

Were you sold a dream only for it to be become a nightmare?

It has happened to most business owners in their lifetime. They get sold on an idea only for it to unfortunately not to turn out how they were hoping. Even worse when the business owner chooses to go against the advice of a marketing company because they know best.

In reality a plumber does not know what’s best for his marketing. He could replace the boiler, fix your sink and change your loo, but does he understand PPC, SSM, SEO or other 3 letter Acronyms used in the marketing world? 99.9999999% no, that’s why they are a plumber. Just as I wouldn’t trust a marketing team to replace my boiler, fix my sink or change out my loo.

One of the most difficult things about being a business owner is understanding that I don’t know what marketing is or how it works. I can read all about it online, watch a few YouTube tutorial videos, but the trial and error will get very expensive down this route.

Let’s go on a journey. You placed an advert on Bark for SEO because a friend’s cousin told you that SEO was the way to increase sales. So you do as most will and Google it. They start discussing backlinks, page authority, CSS above the fold….. You get my point.

So you turn to Bark and you are contacted by multiple agencies offering SEO services. Claims of first page rankings for the key words you have chosen which will generate sales over time (3-6 months to get to the first page realistically, and that doesn’t guarantee you sales, just that you can be found) your bids are £99 per month, £150 per month and £300 per month. The 4th company tells you it is not SEO you need but social media advertising to drive direct potential sales leads to your site. The cost is higher, £250 per month, plus your budget of £5 per day (£150 per month). Now the other companies offered you up what you asked for, not what you needed. Which do you choose?

If you chose £99, I will send you my bank details as you like giving money away. If the £150 seemed more your speed…. See my last response. If you chose £300 a month, I have a bridge I can sell you if you are interested.

When buying marketing it is not a want, it is a need. So understanding the difference between the 2 will not save you more money, but rather make you more money.