About Us

doing marketing differently.

our mission is simple, we are partners, when you succeed, we succeed!

Possibly the hardest section to fill in on any site and what we really wanted to do was to copy and paste the best parts from around the website to describe what we do…that would have been much easier.

Ok, let’s try this…you have 2 options either CLICK HERE to speak to one of us instead of having to scroll through or just carry on reading.

We are a London-based marketing agency with a Yank at the helm…with his trusted local lieutenants at his side to help him with the language barrier…we keep telling him to put his rubbish in the bin on the pavement and not in the trash can on the sidewalk as he drives his stick shift Chevy car to work on the wrong side of the road… ????

As you have probably already deciphered, we are not your normal marketing agency. We do things very differently here at Coretium. We are all about having fun and engaging with people. Gone are the days of talking at people. We would much rather talk with them.

Even though it is 2017 and it’s all about the digital that’s not to say we don’t also offer traditional marketing services either…We are kids of the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s and still love the classics:

There isn’t a situation in life which cannot be referenced to a scene in Friends…go on have a think about it.

As it says above, our mission is simple. When we work with you, we actually work with you, as when you succeed, we succeed.

We believe in having fun in everything we do, but to also educate and engage…oops a bit of copying and pasting there.

Why choose to partner with us for all your marketing needs?

New ideas to drive traffic and inspire brand loyalty.

Thinking outside the box is now the norm, as we are not a normal agency, we will generate fun new ways to speak with your customers, not just at them.

With so many tools out there to help your company, sometimes you can be overwhelmed. We use all the latest tools to find the best options for you and your brand.