Digital Marketing for Airbnb’s

If you own an Airbnb, we are the perfect assistance for you. We will provide digital marketing for Airbnb, where you will find our team of digital marketing specialists on hand to help. We ensure to help promote your hotel, not just in a generic way. A personalised service in which we formulate a digital marketing campaign, tailored to your needs and aspirations as a business.

Social Media for Airbnb

We will provide assistance as we take over your social media. We will tailor our services so that we can maximize your results. There will be an increase in your awareness from customers, as more will know of your Airbnb. This will drive traffic to your website.

PPC for Airbnb

Pay Per Click will allow us to advertise your Airbnb in a more upfront way. Using this method you are sure to reach your intended audience. Think of it as standing right in front of them waving “I’m here”. If they are looking for an Airbnb, they will find you.

SEO for Airbnb

We will utilise Seach Engine Optimisation, in order to organically, rank you higher on the search engine. More potential customers will come across your website, meaning you have a higher per cent chance of being able to maximise on that opportunity and see a return of the attention, leading to more sales

Email marketing for Airbnb

We will start mailing lists, where we will mail existing or potential customers, to entice them to come and stay over at your Airbnb This is an overlooked but effective method of marketing and can greatly help increase customer retention.