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If you were to Google (all hail the mighty one) ‘Web Development’ in the search bar, you will more than likely find an answer filled with a lot of words which have the word ‘web’ at the forefront followed by (web) engineering, (web) design, (web) content development…you get my drift. Then if you delve further down the rabbit hole of web development you get to the next layering which includes coding (basically the stuff only Keanu Reeves could read in The Matrix) and that’s when some may decide hit the back button on the page and go back to browsing Amazon Prime for the latest deals…Click here now to get your website started.

Web Development is a broad term…it can be developing a website for the interweb or an internal intranet site. It ranges from the simplest of text to the complexity of an animated cartoon of a cowboy and a space ranger singing about how good of friends they are.

It doesn’t have to be complicated for you…it’s our job to worry about the complexities of web development, not yours. Everything in between from you thinking it to you getting it, is not something for you to fret over.

Our primary goal is to create something for you, which a) is what you wanted b) is something that looks nice c) works how you want it to and d) is a place where your customers will want to visit…

Why make it sound more complicated than it is?

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Tip Tuesday…Not going to lie, I have been sat here staring at my screen for over 20 minutes now looking at the blank white space that Microsoft Word has to offer trying for the life of me to get some sort of sane collection of words together that won’t be akin to the words of…

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July 17th is recognised worldwide as Emoji Day! Emoji’s have been used since the beginning of the internet to transmit emotion in the written medium. As internet technology advanced, so did the use of the emoji, with previously pure text bits of ascii art turning into full-fledged animated faces and symbols. We’ve all used them…even…

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Were you sold a dream only for it to be become a nightmare?

Were you sold a dream only for it to be become a nightmare? It has happened to most business owners in their lifetime. They get sold on an idea only for it to unfortunately not to turn out how they were hoping. Even worse when the business owner chooses to go against the advice of…

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