How Social Media Actually helps your business.

Social media has been around for quite a while now. Not only is is good (or bad) for Game of Thrones spoilers or football transfer updates but it can actually be a great thing for your business. How, I hear you ask? This blog will mention the top ways in which social media can help your business.

Allows you to express your tone of voice

Social media allows you to really set a tone for your business. With every tweet, with every FB post, with every Instagram post you are telling your audience who you are. While doing this you will see how people respond and engage with your brand.

Understand your audience

That leads me on to my next point which is that it lets you understand who your audience actually is. Who is it that is liking your tweets, retweeting you,  liking your FB and Instagram posts. Not only that but you will be able to tell who your loyal followers are. Or who we like to call your herd or squad. These people will are the ones that will know, like and trust you. You can even see specifics like age, gender and location. Knowing this is great because it will allow you to tailor your messages with these demographics in mind.

Customer Service

Have you ever complained about something your bought only to wait days for a response? Well with the advent of social media, companies are now providing customer service through social media platforms. I will give you a real life example here. Recently we were having some issues with mailchimp so my collegue reached out to them via twitter and received a response in about an hour.

Find out what competitors are doing

Understanding what your competitors are doing is always a great thing. It gives you the chance to improve on things that you might not have been doing so well. With social media it is now easier than ever to “spy” on your competitors. You can see what their tweeting, what the posting on FB and Instagram and even who are engaging with them.


With all of these things you need to keep the end goal in mind which is to generate a sale. The sale will come, you just need to do everything before it correctly so it’s easier to convert the lead into a sale when the time comes. It shouldn’t be too difficult because these people already know like and trust you.

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