Turn Customers into Repeat Buyers with Email Marketing

We once proclaimed that the ‘Death of Email Marketing’ had been greatly exaggerated and to be honest, we still think we are right. Email marketing is still a great way of communicating with customers and potential customers…and it is also a great way to turn your customers into repeat buyers.

Firstly, it generates more profit than looking for new business and, it’s one of the primary goals of selling – reselling to existing customers.

Then add in FOMO! – or in its proper full vernacular ‘Fear Of Missing Out’. As human beings you would not be human if you didn’t get FOMO on occasion, whether it be staying in for a night in front of the TV instead of heading out with friends only to find out they have the best night ever…major FOMO can occur then or whether it be missing out on a great deal because you have been indecisive. The trick is to get customers to get major FOMO when it comes to any offers or products you may have…the guys at Apple seem to have it down to a tee.

So how do you create a sense of FOMO, so customers will come back and buy from you? Well…

Don’t let fears or reservations creep into your customer’s psyche. It is essential that you make them feel confident and empowered about their decision to purchase your product. A few reinforcements here and there will help immensely.

Educate your customers – this is one of the most important things you can do to keep them buying from you – very few businesses do a good job of educating customers – this can be through newsletters, videos, simple blog or even a podcast like this one

Hints, tips, and helpful ideas on how a customer can improve their business are always a winner. They will appreciate your concern and interest in their wellbeing – and the fact you are doing it for free also helps. That’s not to say you give all your secrets away for free!

Say “thank you” regularly. Nothing is more important than saying “thank you.” Who doesn’t like being thanked for something? Even if it is a call to say thanks for buying or even a follow-up call 3 months later to see how they are doing with their purchase. As a famous supermarket says ‘Every Little Helps’

Ask your customers for their opinions. The finest form of flattery is “What are your thoughts?” – they will feel valued that you find their opinion significant. You can use something like Survey Monkey for this

Make your customers feel important. Congratulate them on their achievements and comment on positive things about their business. Life in the trenches isn’t always easy – let them know they are doing a great job.

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