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5 Marketing Tips For Business Owners

What Makes Good Marketing you ask? Check out these 5 marketing tips for business owners to provide a safety net whilst marketing.

1. Make Use of LinkedIn

The emergence of LinkedIn in 2002 has seen the social network grow to over 350 million users.
If utilised properly, LinkedIn can provide users with accurate and up-to-date information about potential clients, customers and partners. Contrary to popular belief, LinkedIn is not only used to by head hunters but also by business owners to generate relevant network connections for your business. Once connected, your sales team can initiate conversation and eliminate cold calls.

2. Make Use of Free Resources

It’s common knowledge that every business needs marketing, but with such a variety of services available it is forgiveable to become overwhelmed. Make use of free marketing resources to help aid your decision making process as to what marketing services to employ.

3. Put Yourself in The Customers Shoes

One mistake that many businesses make (and are still making) is marketing their business in a manner that they like as opposed to the marketing strategy that will appeal to a specific target audience. Create a persona of who your ideal customer is and imagine what they would need to see to then do business with you. This is especially the case when conducting keyword research for pay per click campaigns. You are bound to fail if you fail to understand your target audience.

Are they on social media?

Are they on forums?

Interact with your target audience where they are comfortable and make the sales process easier.

4. Invest Wisely

Websites tend to be an area that business owners neglect and feel that a contact page and about us page is all you need. Your website may be the first point of contact for your potential customer. Make sure that it is optimised for mobiles and tablets and that users have a great and memorable experience on your website. This might seem like an expensive option but this is not always the case. How can you ensure website visitors have an enjoyable experience? Check out these website ideas that can help.

5. Measure All Marketing Efforts

To insure a return on investment make sure your marketing team provide you with an expected and actual metrics of what your marketing campaign has achieved. How many leads did it generate? Did it meet or exceed your targets? Without measuring and evaluating your marketing efforts it is impossible to improve and expand going forwards.

How we can help

Using these 5 marketing tips you can start to build a marketing campaign for your business that will generate results. If you need a hand with your SEO, website design or just general marketing advise, speak to us today.