Today we will be talking about 7 effective ways to use social media marketing to promote content. We all know how valuable social media is for businesses to make their target audience aware of their online presence. However, we may not be using it to its full effect!

Put Images and links on Social Media Posts

Putting images on your posts can really influence the engagement made as well as catching the user’s attention at first glance. The more customised your posts are, the more active your social media promotion will be. Also, create images for the main points in your content so it’s more specific for users.

Not only will this increase engagement but it will also make you stand out from your competition.

Create Better Titles for your Posts

Carrying on from creating images, you can also create better title for your posts.  As a business you would want to have short and catchy titles to attract users to go onto your posts. For example instead of saying, “The things to consider when you are starting a business” you could say “3 points to consider when starting up a business “ which will instantly boost attraction towards your post. Just remember, that sometimes less is more!

If you’re lacking creativity, a tool to consider is BuzzSumo. This tool helps you with creating a great title for your posts & it could help you with researching similar content on other social platforms.

Share Your Posts at the Right Time!

A key thing to think about when posting on social media is to share your posts at the right time. There will be times where user engagement is much higher.

For Facebook

  • Best days to post are:Thursdays and Fridays

Best time to post on Facebook

9am-7pm for suggestion pages

  • 1pm for post shares
  • 3pm for most clicks

For Twitter

  • Best days for B2B: Monday- Friday
  • Best days for B2C: Wednesday-Sundays

Best Time of the Day to Tweet

  • 12pm and 6pm for highest CTR
  • 5pm for highest retweets

For Linkedin

Best days to Post

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Best Time to post

  • Tuesdays between 10am-11am for clicks and shares
  • Best time to post are 7am-8am and 5pm-6pm

Direct Questions to your Audience

Ask questions to create the opportunity to create engagement on your posts. For example Facebook comments and business forums on Linkedin. This is useful as social media was made for people, not businesses.

When people go onto these social media sites they are looking to socialise with people rather than buy your products.

Better yet, create questions for some of your headlines and see where that takes you!

In my opinion, questions grab attention and can lead to a conversation between you and your followers; maybe even other businesses. An example of a question that you can use on your post is “What are your thoughts on the recent changes to the AdWords platform?” Questions like this have the potential to create a community and will leave a lasting imprint on the mind of your followers. When they are looking for a product/service you provide they are more likely to remember the conversation they had with you, and may look up your company.

Have you thought of this tool yet?

Prioritise your Posts

When you are creating the content for your posts the main thing to think about is where your audience may be at the time it will be posted, how relevant it is to similar posts you have created and what message is more important to put across when you are thinking of what to post. Are you using the correct social platform?

When prioritising, it is beneficial to concentrate on the platforms where you have the highest chance to engage with your audience. For instance, if your business is all about connecting with directors of small companies then Linkedin is the one for you!

Whereas, if you are promoting makeup treatments then it is best to vary your social media usage and connect with more people. Tip: Engage how they engage with you.

Once your social media promotion is successful then you can use the information and feedback given to create content for use on other platforms.

Optimise Social Profiles

As I was saying on the previous point, it is very important to vary your social media but another thing to consider is optimising social profiles. This tool includes updating profile details on certain apps such as Facebook, making your profile specific to your product/service and showing users your level of engagement on social media sites.

You want to look active rather than inactive so it is better to keep things fresh and updated. It is essential to keep your connections relevant to your business, even set yourself a task to search up connections on Linkedin for people who have the same interests as you.

Always, always, always make your profile specific to your products/services!

 Create yourself a Content Promotion Schedule

The final point I will be addressing is that you have to have a Content Promotion Schedule. With this schedule you should be planning posts in advance, performing daily management tasks and keeping up to date with your connections.

Your daily management should include things such as engaging with a variety of users each day, following people who are related to your product/services again (you can also unfollow inactive users) and responding to follower’s posts.

If you’re business isn’t on social media and not being regularly updated then you are at risk of losing out on potential business.

In conclusion, I think these are the most effective ways to promote your content through social media marketing. It will make your company stand out from the crowd, grow as a company in general and reach out to people who are interested in your business.

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