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8 Email Marketing Tips For Effective Campaigns

How can you start making the most of your email marketing campaigns?

For businesses, traditional postal messages or ‘snail mail’ is almost certainly a thing of the past for communicating with potential clients. Judging from the search term ’email marketing’ costing £20 for each time someone clicks; it certainly is a profitable business.

So how does your business communicate effectively through email marketing?

These 8 email marketing tips will help to ensure your business emails will be opened, clicked and responded to.

1. Effective Subject lines

Your email subject line is the first thing a recipient will see, so it needs to be relevant and engaging. According to mailchimp, “boring is better” so don’t feel the need to grab the readers attention with unnecessary CAPITAL LETTERS as they don’t look appealing and often are sent to the junk or trash.

2. Keep Your Message Short

According to recent figures, 53% of emails are opened on mobiles and tablets. What implications does this have on the content of your email? Your email content should be short and straight to the point. If the recipient is receptive to your message they will know in the first 2 sentences.

3. Direct Traffic Through E-mail Clicks

Your email marketing campaign should have a clear call to action. If you want the recipient to get to know your business, you should embed links to your contact page and discuss the benefits for them to click through that link. Make sure whatever they click is unambiguous and transparent. Linking images is a good way to increase clicks on emails, however if they don’t lead to a relevant page for the user, it’s as good as nothing.

4. Consistency Is Key

Using email automation you can create a schedule that will apply to all your lists. Depending on where the contact has subscribed, they should be sent a set of emails that are relevant to what they are interested in. This way, you can vastly reduce your unsubscribe rate.

5. Optimise Your Campaign

There is no set formula for people. This is a fact of life as every human being is an individual. Although facts and figures can help you on your way to creating an effective email marketing campaign, this still does not guarantee immediate success. Measure your email opens, clicks and interactions and make small tweaks to see what affect they have. Are your audience more receptive in the afternoons? If so, you should send the most important emails in the afternoon.

6. Personalise Your Message

If you have a list of people who have subscribed to your newsletter or blog then they would have taken time out of their busy schedules to give you some personal details. Just through simple tactics like including their name in the subject line has proven to increase email open rates by up to 20%.

7. Watch Your Tone

As a business owner, you can be forgiven for thinking that your emails must all follow a strict professional tone. Moreover, contrary to what you may have been taught, emails can be personal, light-hearted, cheerful and informal. Informal e-mails tend to get the best response rate as people don’t have to put too much thinking into a formal response. This is particularly effective when selling through email marketing.

8. Be Helpful

Highlight an issue that you can help with. Providing a problem and a solution gives the reader a choice as to whether they would prefer to stick with the problem they have or use the solution you have provided. If your email provides value then your list will continue to grow with minimal unsubscribes.

With these 8 email marketing tips, your email campaigns will be more effective in generating leads, brand awareness and increasing profits. Let us know how you found these email marketing tips in the comments below.

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