Are you currently investing in display advertising and want to understand how to improve your campaigns?

Marketing has seen a huge revolution in recent years. Significant changes have now been made by businesses of all sizes in their marketing landscapes, with most having had to completely rethink and change their previous strategies to accommodate the influx of new methods of effectively reaching their customers, such as display advertising.

These intelligent and multi-faceted approaches offer a wonderful opportunity to engage with potential and existing customers unrivalled by traditional marketing techniques, which were limited in terms of interaction, both customer to business, and vice versa.

This type of advertising is an effective and powerful way to get your brand’s message across to a captive demographic. Versatile and targeted, with boundless opportunities to reach your audience and encourage them to increase spend and return to spend again.

Despite these almost unlimited capabilities, however, some businesses are still struggling to implement display advertising into their business efficiently. So where are they going wrong? And what makes truly effective adverts?

1. Is It Eye-Catching Enough?

Any good online marketing specialist knows that to stand out from the background noise of the Internet, your advert needs to be pretty hard to ignore. Effective adverts take advantage of the pages they’re likely to feature on in a complimentary and covert way and they also take into account their surroundings and audience and work in a shrewd, insightful way for maximum results.

2. The Pitfall Of Ignoring Analytics

It’s vital to check that what you are doing is as effective as possible in every way.

As well as having effective adverts, click through rate and reach are vital. You don’t simply want people to see your advert, you want them to connect with it and ultimately make a purchase. A few factors come into play including positioning, colours used, photography, even copy; all things an online marketing expert can help with.

3. Brand Identity

Display advertising is about more than simply flogging a product or service. It’s about brand recognition and return. Keeping your business at the forefront of customer’s minds in your industry is absolutely vital.

Don’t forget to keep your brand clear and visible at all times – and develop an advertising style that is instantly identifiable as yours. A good online marketing specialist can help you with this.

4. Seeing Past Display Advertising

An effective advert is just the beginning. The quality of the website customers are directed to really is the key to keeping them on board – if they don’t like what they see when they arrive on your site, then your advertising efforts may have been in vain.

Once your display advertising has done its job, your responsibility continues to keep that customer engaged and interested enough to stay and to spend, so keep your website well-maintained, well-designed and up to date.

5. Changing It Up

Some businesses employ the same strategy for months on end, rarely updating the information and advertising they are putting in front of their customers. However, this attitude could be wasting a lot of money and preventing these businesses from making more.

Change your campaign and strategy according to analytics, move with trends and even make use of a marketing specialist to explore new, more direct avenues for display advertising other than Google and the other big players.

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