Looking for ways to boost your brand?

Traditional marketing efforts such as television and magazine ads are becoming less and less effective to boost your brand, as more people turn to the Internet to find out all they need to know. Today, successful companies are utilising digital media strategies via social media marketing and search engine marketing including pay per click to advertise their brand.

The common question is, out of search or social media, which digital marketing strategy is most effective to boost your brand?

The answer is both…


Social media marketing involves creating content and relationships on social sites.

Valuable content is used to encourage readers to share it across their own social networks. Relationships can boost your brand through establishing connections and nurturing engagement towards business goals.

The result is a highly effective, electronic word of mouth campaign, whereas search engine marketing utilises keywords, pay per click and user activity to gain attention.

Using both social media marketing and search engine marketing to boost your brand has consistently been proven to be the grounding of any successful digital marketing strategy.

BUT… It’s vital you know what you’re doing.

Social media marketing paired with search engine marketing is not necessarily as easy as utilising keywords and backlinks on your website or posting a picture or write up of your brand on Facebook or Twitter. There is a definite strategy to search engine or social media marketing, so with that in mind, here are a few helpful tips to boost your brand and make it a success.


Every business should have a mobile responsive website to make sure that sales opportunities are not missed. With the huge numbers of smartphone/tablet users worldwide, any digital marketing strategy that ignores the importance of a mobile friendly experience is doomed to failure.


The majority of your potential customers are on social media sites like Facebook. This gives you an excellent opportunity to interact with these people. Taking advantage of social media ads is a low cost way to target a specific audience but you don’t have to utilise paid ads in your social media marketing strategy.

You could opt to spend time and effort in creating shareable content that engages your audience and widens your reach without paid ads. Be sure to make your content engaging enough that it will not only interest the reader, but will motivate them to share as well.


Google’s Adwords is something to considering if you’re looking at combining a social media marketing strategy with search engine marketing. However, pay per click can be a waste of money if you don’t know what you’re doing. Consider hiring an expert for pay per click marketing, or train yourself up through Google’s online courses.


When considering search engine marketing in your digital marketing strategy, quality backlinks should be a large part of your focus. The recent changes on Google have made focusing on quality backlinks more important than ever.

A low-quality backlink will prevent you from a high rank on Google for your keywords. Think about approaching quality niche related blogs and asking to write a guest post with a link back to your website.


Today’s consumers have painfully low attention spans. Few people are willing to read multiple paragraphs, which makes blogs an excellent way to provide descriptions of your products and services and a good addition to your digital marketing strategy. In addition to this it gives you the ability to add links to social networks assisting with your social media marketing.


Utilising social media marketing and search engine marketing, including pay per click, in your digital marketing strategy will serve to ensure you boost your brand and maintain it’s visibility in search engine results and in the social media landscape.

If you are not maximising your online presence through multiple channels, then it’s time to rethink your marketing strategies.

Do you use social media to boost your brand?

Is your search engine marketing campaign demonstrating a return on investment for your business?

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