Why use PPC to Market Your Business?

Per Per Click or PPC is a mode of advertising used to generate leads on your websites, grow customer base and improve your paid advertising efforts all together.

When businesses use PPC a small fee is paid if the advert was clicked on. This is also known as Cost Per Click (CPC).

Researchers found that PPC is extremely cost effective, as advertisers only pay once their ad is clicked. Advertisers are offered a means of putting their message across on posts, attracting new leads and specifically seeking out their product. Searchers reveal their intent through what they browse online.

This form of advertising is excellent for search engines. Like mentioned earlier a small fee is paid if an advertisement is found through the ad network. Profit will be made either way and it will increase visits as well as the level of engagement made on each advertisement where this will be presented on search engines or through social media sites.

Your customer base will definitely grow if you use the right keywords!! Always be sure to target people who are active searchers of your product/services. The more targeted your keywords are the more response the more clicks you are like to get on your ads.
How to Create a Successful PPC Campaign:

• Add relevant PPC keywords
• Negative keywords?! – Adding negative keywords improves the relevance to your campaign, prevents distractions and reduces the amount of spend
• Splitting your Ad groups – Like the 2 previous points, splitting ad groups can help users search become more relevant but it will also help you improve the CTR and quality score. Your landing page will be targeted towards future visitors.
• Definitely, definitely, definitely review your PPC keywords! This includes looking over the PPC keywords that make the most profit, getting rid of the keywords that are under-performing.
• Refine your landing page – Modify your content and CTA to boost conversion rate, make your landing page appear more persuasive.
• Always optimise your methods to increase ROI and get more customers.

TIP: Do Not Send All Your Traffic To The Same Page!

In this part of the blog Coretium Media will be talking about how to improve your performance on AdWords.

To Improve This You Should:

• Use scatter plots as an example; this is crucial evidence as you can see your ROI and spot differences in your business efforts.
• You should add context using segmentation. By segmentation I mean the comparisons between the trends/patterns made according to your service. The trends assessed across different groups.
• Plot the relationships made in your results. This will add further confirmation to the patterns explored in the world of search and allow you to focus your advertising where it’s needed most

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