Is Email Marketing Dead?

Something that is often thrown out there is that email marketing is no longer a viable marketing tool. This post will be focusing on why email is still ALIVE! Below I have mentioned 4 points I believe are the main indicators that email marketing is still dominant.

Statistics Suggest that Email is Still No 1
No matter what people say about email, the statistics speak for themselves. All statistics show that email marketing is actually on the rise.

For example according to ‘Custora’, email marketing was the primary means in driving Black Friday sales accounting for just over 25% of all sales. Whereas paid search resulted in just 16.3% of sales. As reported by ‘Mailgen’ 54% of marketers feel that email is still the most effective type of marketing to work with and the easiest. In addition they reported that 89% of marketers said that email marketing was their main lead generation strategy.

Customers Want to Stay Updated (Through email)
Believe it or not, customers like to stay updated on what you have to offer. Whether that be a new product or service, discounts/coupons or even courses that you may provide.

Considering you already have a good email following this should be a good way to update your list as these people will already have a vested interested in what you have to offer (unless you generated irrelevant leads in the first place).

Email Marketing Compliments other Marketing Strategies
This point ties in with the last point but is more about linking email marketing with your other marketing strategies. Think of email marketing as a hub that generates traction for all other marketing methods such as social media.

For example you might alert your list about a webinar you are holding or an article you posted on your blog. In the case of the blog post, emailing your subscribers will give you that initial boost of qualified traffic. The best thing with that, is it’s completely free.

People Choose Email for Business Communications
According to MarketingSherpa, 72% of consumers say that email is their favourite form of communication with businesses. Furthermore, 61% prefer to receive promotional emails weekly and 28% want them more regularly.
It is believed that 81% of online shoppers are more likely to make extra purchases online or in store based on emails about previous shopping behaviours. This was reported by Harris Interactive.
As a result of email marketing, 66% of consumers have made a purchase online rather than in store. 19% of consumers have said that every email newsletter they receive is to see what’s on offer. That is why consumers delete fewer promotion emails without looking.

If its not Dead where is it Heading
It is predicted that by 2017 1.779 million people will be able to access email on their mobile device.

30% of consumers read their emails on mobile devices. Depending on your target audience, product/service and email type, mobile email will account for up to 70%. This was reported by The Radicati Group.