3 Ways To Improve Your Adwords Campaign Today

Looking to improve your Adwords campaign to increase business profits?

Here are 3 steps to improve your Adwords campaign to drive quality traffic to your website, generate more leads and convert more visitors into buying customers.

1. Target The Right People

Getting your advert out there is great for brand awareness, but you want to generate new business, too. So target people who are already looking to buy with ‘action’ search phrases. Examples include:

  • Buy
  • Order
  • Register
  • Custom made
  • Bespoke
  • Save
  • Pay less
  • Reduce

Make sure these action search phrases are in your ads, too.

You need to understand where and when to target your ads. If you run a local business and only serve a close radius, restrict your ads to local search only. You can also use campaign scheduling to show your ads only at times when when your potential customers are online searching for your product or service.

2. Constantly Improve Your Ads And Keywords

Your competitors are working just as hard on their campaigns are you are, so just because your ads are performing well today that’s not to say they will keep performing tomorrow. Stay ahead of the competition and constantly check and improve your ads and keywords, building on those that work and pausing or removing those that don’t.

Use a mixture of keyword matchings to improve your click through rate, generate leads and acquire new customers, while improving your Adwords Quality Score at the same time.

3. Optimise Your Landing Pages For Conversion

Your Adwords campaign and your landing pages should be seen as a whole, so when you generate traffic your landing page should match your Adwords ads. Be consistent in your message, focus on the product or service you’re advertising, and keep your completion process as simple as possible.

Look For More Ways To Improve Your Adwords Campaign

These three ways to improve your Adwords campaign will positively impact your Adwords Quality Score. And a higher score means better page ranking, more leads and a lower cost per click.

But this is only scratching the surface.

Those that have experience using Google Adwords understand that it’s no easy feat to generate significant and sustainable profits. You need to constantly test, measure and refine all aspects to improve your Adwords campaign.

Do you use Google Adwords for your business?

Is it delivering the results you expect, or demand, as a business owner?

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