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16 Ways to Increase Your Number of Twitter Followers

1. Evaluate Who Your Target Market Is
2. Analyse How Many Hours You Spend on Twitter
3. Give Yourself Enough Time To Build Your Profile
4. Follow People Within Your Target Market
5. Mind Map Content Ideas In Order To Prepare Enticing Content
6. Promote Content Using Hashtags & Buzz Words
7. Engage With New Followers – Like, Comment, Retweet
8. Add Followers To Twitter Lists
9. Select Pinned Tweet To Be Shown At The Top Of Other Tweets
10. Offers Through Direct Message and Promotional Tweets
11. Interact With Followers By Direct Messaging Them
12. Create Automated Message Which Is Sent To Brand New Followers
13. Research Companies Similar To You And See What Types of Tweets They Do
14. Engage With Their Followers By Liking, Commenting And Retweeting
15. Promote Companies In Order For Them To Promote You
16. Always Keep Current As Well As New Followers Up To Date

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