Marketing strategies for guesthouse

A guesthouse marketing strategy starts with understanding your target audience. Having a good guesthouse marketing strategy is important for guesthouse business. This can help attract guests, sell more rooms, and increase profit. Read on to find out about marketing strategies for guesthouses.

Marketing strategies for guesthouse

There are many marketing methods that guesthouses could use to promote themselves. Here are a few examples of marketing strategy guesthouse can use:

target audience
Marketing segmentation, customers care, customer relationship management (CRM) and team-building concepts.

Target the right audience

To become a successful guesthouse business you need to understand your customer wants and needs. Before making a guesthouse marketing strategy you need to know what kind of guest you want to attract. You have to ask yourself ‘why they would choose your guesthouse out of others?’ There are many types of travellers such as business, tourists, seniors and much more. Guesthouse owners can satisfy their guests more if they understand their guest’s needs and wants.

Be online

Potential guests will always be searching for your guesthouse online before they actually make a booking with you. You may want to consider using virtual tours to promote your guesthouse. This is useful because guests can see 360-degree views before they actually make a booking with you. Your website is important because it is where potential guests learn more about your guesthouse before they decide to make a booking. A mobile-friendly website is necessary these days. And don’t forget to use social media and SEO.

There is no point in having a website when guests can’t find you. Having strong keywords and high rankings would be beneficial to your guesthouse. One way to do this is by using SEO.

Promote yourself with a travel agency

Travel agencies are important to the guesthouse business. A simple listing can gain you many bookings but each time it is booked through a travel agency a commission will be applied. The guesthouse can gain more business travellers from companies through travel agents. This could be beneficial because guesthouses are listed on travel agents’ websites. And when others search the travel agent site they will be able to find you and go through your guesthouse listing and may even make a booking.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool to use when marketing for guesthouses. Reaching out to guests after their stay at your guesthouse and asking them for a review can helps others when researching your guesthouse. Also, you can use email marketing to send out newsletters or promotions. How often you send an email and what’s in the content matters. Using email marketing can improve brand awareness which is a great guesthouse marketing strategy.


Reviews and recommendations.

A good review can attract more customers whereas a poor review will damage your business. You can try to encourage customers to leave a review after they checked out with you. If there is a bad review make sure that you know how to improve and do better. Reviews are valuable for both the guest and guesthouse owner. It’s a way to increase visibility and improve contact for guesthouse owners.

How we can help

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