Tips to Market Your Pub

When it comes to marketing for a pub, it is not as easy as you think it is. To be successful at running the pub has become challenging due to a wide range of companies targeting their audience through different channels. To avoid the pub running into administration, pub owners have to robust their marketing. But, how do you do this? We have collated some tips on what you can do for your pub’s marketing.

Tips to Market Your Pub

There are many ways that you can use to promote your pub. It can help by attracting new customers and making sure existing ones come back for more. Below are a few tips on how you can take advantage of pub marketing.

Focus on your customer

All businesses including pubs will have to focus on their customers. This means that understanding your customers and their preference is important. You should focus on demographics, characteristics and preferences. These can help you find the right target audience. Always try to engage and have a small chat with customers to get to know them.

Also, having a great environment matters because customers would feel valued and more likely to share their feedback. Additionally, you could offer promotions and deals which is a good pub promotion idea to help the business grow.

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Social Media

Social media for pubs can help identify a wider range of audiences with minimum effort. This is a great way for pub marketing. You can use a range of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Instagram is a great way to promote your pub on social media. It’s free to use which is a great marketing idea for pub owners that are on a budget. With Instagram, you must post content regularly to attract new customers. You can choose to post a mixture of photos, stories or reels.

Your pub should have a Facebook Business Page. Having an optimised profile will make it easy for customers to find your pubs page. This is an effective way for pub marketing due to use Facebook because customers can use it as a search tool to find reviews or ask for recommendations. Taking some photos and posting them on your Facebook feed would attract more people to visit your pub.

Although using social media for pubs is one of the marketing strategies. There are some downsides too such as being time-consuming, difficult to measure, can’t target all audiences and more.

Host Events

Hosting events is a great pub promotion idea that could be used. Not only are event night fun but it also helps sales. You could host something like a pub quiz, happy hour or even a concert and much more. However, as you will be competing with other pubs, offer something unique that they do not. Whatever promotion you choose to run, make sure you promote it well, so will become a successful event. Ensure the events you run are attractive, fun and affordable.

A wall feature can be a great idea to inform customers about upcoming events. This is useful because customers can see the upcoming events and plan their visits. They may even spread the information through word of mouth. Also, as a pub owner, you can use think about using social media for pubs which can attract a wider range of audiences and more people would find out about your event.


Traditional Advertising

Many pub owners have been hesitating to use traditional marketing. Using traditional advertising has many benefits. Traditional marketing is a great way to target a local audience and gain more customers.

In the pub industry, there are different traditional marketing options for you to choose from for your pub. Here are some examples of traditional advertising you can do.

  • Newspaper ads
  • Posters
  • Newsletters
  • Flyers
  • Loyalty cards

However, traditional marketing methods such as flyers, posters, and newspaper advertisements are costly. Think carefully about the design and what information you will include. Traditional marketing can help reach local audiences.

How we can help

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