Why don’t people trust marketing?

Why don’t people trust marketing?

Now this could be construed as quite an ambiguous question with many people giving a host of different answers, some probably which wouldn’t be amiss after the 9pm watershed.

Marketing can sometimes get a bad name when things go wrong…with a few reasons listed below.

•Burnt in the past

•Promised the world…delivered a village

•Sign up for 6 months…not heard from after 1st week

•Reports as frequent as hot weather in December

•Hidden costs

•Charge consumer…don’t deliver work

And with Marketing now becoming more social and as B2B and B2C marketers are equally interested in social engagement, passionate about Facebook ads and are fascinated by influencers, the game is set to change. This also allows you more avenues to engage with your customers and build that elusive trust which is so hard to gain.

So here are 4 ways how marketers can win over audiences

1. Talk about things the customer wants to hear…not just yourself!

Consumers don’t care about you as a company until you give them something to care about…basically give them something which is of use of to them. It could be anything from an info video, to a blog post to an infographic on the best times to post on social media.

Customers need to be put at the center of everything we do. Consider what their most pressing issues and try to offer solutions that get their heads turning.

2. Use Content Created By an Expert or Established Source

It’s no secret that people buy from people they trust.

But where does that trust come from? Apart from being unconditional between people like friends and family, it comes from being open, honest, and educational…see point 1 to re-affirm. Showing your audience that you know your stuff and understand their wants and needs goes a long way to building that trust.

3. Share Real Stories

Some marketers have stories which are only geared towards the sell…well some consumers prefer to see the human side of a company. For instance the Dude vs Dough challenge we at Coretium took part in last week…shared all over our social media channels…no hard sell, just us showing the other side to the team.

4. Build a Community

Finally, you can bring all the above points together to start building a community around your brand. This is so important in an age where you can pretty much get anything you want or need with the click of a button.

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