7 Proven Ways To Transform Your Dying Online Business!

1. Email marketing

No matter what business you are in you need to put a lot of your energy into collecting email addresses of prospects. What you should be doing with your email subscribers is to keep them up to date with interesting content and great offers.
Overtime you will see that your subscribers will start to anticipate your emails and your open rates will start to increase. This will make it much easier for you to sell to them as they already know like and trust you.

2. Search Engine Marketing/ PPC

This includes spending some money but is a very good way of getting targeted traffic to your offer or website. It works by displaying your advertisement on major search engines like Google and Bing. So if someone was to search for motorcycle helmets in London and your ad is related to that search query, then your advertisement is very likely to show up.
These prospects are already searching for what you provide or sell so they will be very responsive.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
This involves getting your website to rank high in major search engines (google, Bing etc.) by producing content that is valuable to your target audience. The good thing about this is that its free however, SEO has become increasingly difficult over the years which will make it harder to get ranked for your desired search term.

4. Public relations

This is an age old method which means getting your company featured on relevant blogs, TV channels and radio appearance. You need to give something of value to your audience so they will remember you. That is the whole point of public relations!

5. Existing platforms

You need to hone in on where your target market is hanging out. Depending on whom your target audience is they will typically be hanging out on one of the following social media channels, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. There are others but I would say these are the big four.
Once you have figured out where they are keep chugging content at them and eventually they will notice you.

6. Affiliate marketing

If you are selling online one thing you may want to consider is letting other people promote your products. These people are called affiliates. When they sell your product you would pay them a small commission. You don’t have to offer a massive amount of commission but it should be enough so that affiliates would want to promote your product or service. Generally 10% works very well.

7. Content marketing

You’ve heard me talk about content a lot throughout this article so it is obviously very important. The truth is everything comes down to content. For example, if you are publishing an article on your website that is content, if you are creating an ad for Google adwords or Bing that is content, if you are publishing a video via YouTube that is content. I hope you can see my point here. If you can create engaging and valuable content through all the channels mentioned you are already way above the competition already.

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