Benefits of Email Marketing for Cafés

Email marketing is a great form of marketing, however, many may stay away from this. It can be due to many reasons. One of them being is that some people think it is outdated or ineffective. This is the furthest thing from the truth. As a café owner, email marketing can be very beneficial for you and your business.

If you are unsure of what to do, no worries, that is where our expertise can come in. There are many things you need to remember about any marketing techniques as they provide you a way to gain new customers and retain your current ones without having to do a massive amount of work. Here are reasons why you should look into email marketing for your café.

Email Marketing for Cafes is Affordable

The costs for email marketing are very little compared to traditional marketing. If you have taken the approach of flyers, paying for placement on a magazine, or even creating posters. The cost of email marketing for cafés is much more convenient for your wallet.

It is one of the most cost-effective methods of café marketing there is. A good café marketing agency will use email marketing campaigns for cafés. According to data, it implies that email marketing for cafés is one of the most cost-effective methods of café marketing, and for every £1 spend, there is a £40 return on investment.

Incentivise Old and Current Customers

Customers love deals, offers, coupons or anything of the sort. This does not just give them a feeling of exclusivity; they also love saving money as a result of this too. Incentivising your customers can prove to be beneficial in many different stages of your email marketing campaigns for cafés. It can ensure they sign up in the first place, but then also can retain those recipients in the long run too.


Smooth Integration with social media

The integration of social media with email marketing for cafés can be done in a simple way. An example of how this can be executed is to add links to your social media profiles in your email marketing campaigns for cafés.

As they are more specific too, it can help drive traffic to your social media too. You can also do this the other way round. You can encourage any followers on social media to sign up for your mailing lists for your café.

Two-way communication

This is very important for email marketing for cafés. As this is what differentiates this from any other form of marketing. This form of café marketing allows you to be able to have a conversation with your customers. They can give you reviews and feedback, and you can hear this from actual customers. You can then take this on board to help improve your café and make it a better experience.

2 way communication

Update your customers

The mailing list for your café consists of your customers. Whilst you do use email marketing for cafés and can use email marketing campaigns for cafés. A benefit of using this form of café marketing is that you can update your customers with information such as, a new branch that you may be opening, and new additions to the menu.


At Coretium Media, we are a digital marketing company based in London. We do work as a café marketing agency, as we provide email marketing for cafés alongside other marketing methods. We ensure to use the best practices in café marketing to ensure that your business is thriving. We use specific target markets and conduct email marketing campaigns for cafes. Let us do all the hard work, and do all your café marketing, whilst you reap the rewards!