49 Email Subject Lines That Are Guaranteed to Get Your Emails Read!

Even though these subject lines are industry specific, you can adjust them to make them suitable for your industry.

B2B (Business to Business)
• Which Test Won: Test of the Week: Demo vs Video – Which Copy Won 48.2% More Leads?
• Dasheroo: Top 5 Customer Support Metrics You Need to Track, Now!
• Social Media Bulletin: Marketing Metrics Bible – 70-Page Guide
• Practical Ecommerce: Report: Top 10 Comparison Shopping Engines
• Copyblogger: Renew your Authority membership right now (and save big)
• Big Data Bulletin: Includes: How to Avoid the Worst Big Data Mistakes You Can Make
• PsPrint: The Results Are In: Top Designs from Our Artwork Contest!

• Walgreens: Your selfies aren’t going to print themselves – 40% off mobile photo orders with our FREE App
• Kara’s Cupcakes: A Trio of Seasonal Favorites for Your Enjoyment!
• David’s Tea: In store exclusive: free honey for mom
• Omaha Steaks: ★This is almost too good to be true…★
• Open Table: Give the Gift of Deliciousness
• Gap: Hurry! Save NOW until 10AM Wednesday
• Lululemon Athletica: did someone say brownies?
• Tory Burch: Ends Today: 25% Off — Friends & Fans Event
• Piperlime: Extra 25% off SALE items under $100
• Lilly Pulitzer: Take a peek at our new summer catalog…
• Shutterfly: 3 days left: Up to 40% + get an extra 20% off
• Old Navy: Got SUPER CASH, Kim? Redeem It Today!
• Workshop: We’ve got spring fever at workshop! Check out our calendar for our spring faves!
• Pottery Barn Kids: ★ 3 great sales TODAY only! ★ Save 20% + free shipping on beach towels, gear & Freeport Chairs
• Orbitz: Quick! This promo code’s ending soon
• J Crew Factory: HURRY: This deal will change at noon
• Abercrombie Kids: we could just say ‘thanks’ but we think this is way better…
• Wine.com: Weekend savings up to 50% on CA favorites
• Photojojo: *NEW* A Portable Pop-Up Photo Studio
• Fabletics: want to win $100 to fabletics?
• Priceline: Get $20 Off Hotels Instantly! Email Exclusive
• ModCloth: 20% off. 100% awesome.
• Banana Republic: Surprise! (Can you guess what yours is?)
• Birdy Botanicals: Our Newest Product Just Got Better & A Favourite Local Event is Back
• Everlane: See What’s Coming
• Warby Parker: Finally
• Birchbox: Come Back and Get a Free Gift

• Marine Mammal Center: Show Your Mom Some Love
• Humane Society of the United States: Be inspired, create change
• American Diabetes Association: We need backup
• American Red Cross: Everyday heroes like you
• American Lung Association: Honoring our volunteers
• World Wildlife Fund: Reminder: Jill, You Can Make a Huge Difference
• Humane Society of the United States: Need some convincing?
• American Diabetes Association: Take it. Share it. Step Out.
• Care and Share Food Bank: Eat your greens!
• Friends of the Sea Otter: Mother’s Day Spa and Dinner Raffle
• Community Music Center: New Items Added to the Community Music Center Auction!
• SFMOMA: It’s Not Too Late
• The San Francisco Ballet Association: Don’t miss the final program of the season!
• Root Division: Take an Art Class! Fall Schedule

We hope this has helped you in some way to increase your open rates. Make sure you don’t just copy the subject lines, you do still need to adapt it to your business.
Until next time.

How To Solve the “Abandoned Cart Issue” for Good!

Do you often get people to your ecommerce store, get them to add a product to the basket/cart and then never hear from them again. Well you my friend have encountered the not so lovely, "abandoned cart issue". Fortunately for you there are ways you can reduce how often this happens. If you would like to know how, read on...

Progress Indicator

There is nothing worse than experiencing a never ending black hole. So save your customers the boredom and let people know how far along they are into their order. For example you can have Step 1, Step 2 & Step 4. Highlight which step they are on. This gives them a time frame on how long till the order process is over.


Include thumbnails so people know they are buying the right item as you don't want them to start the whole order again.

Allow Changes

Allow making changes easy for the buyer. They should be able to edit their order easily without having to press the back button.


Reinforce the fact that you have adequate security in place. No one wants to input their payment details on an unsecure site. Make sure they know. A medium sized logo at the bottom of the page works well. you will be surprised at the amount of people that leave the checkout process because they did not display that they have security on their site. Although thay had a good level of security on their site, they did not advertise it on the checkout page which meant most people would assume there is no security!


Include thumbnails so people know they are buying the right item as you don't want them to start the whole order again.

Implement Additional Payment Options

You need to implement additional payment gateways. This will allow more people to actually pay for the goods. A good rule of thumb is to have at least three payment gateways. Some examples of payment processors are, Paypal, Sagepay and Wordlpay.

Save The Cart

A large majority of customers use their shopping carts to comparison tool.  Giving them the option to save their cart for future use will make it much easier for them to buy from you. These people are just shopping around anyway so they were not going to buy from you right there. This happens in brick and mortar shops too. You go to a shop, pick a few items and ask the shop assistant to keep them for you as you may come back later on to purchase them. It's no different online.

Dedicated Contact Number

Some customers are uncomfortable using their cards online so giving them the option to call you instead is a great way to increase your cart to sale conversion rate.


If you would like more help with this. Don't be shy, give us a call on 02075376602


Is Email Marketing Dead?

Something that is often thrown out there is that email marketing is no longer a viable marketing tool. This post will be focusing on why email is still ALIVE! Below I have mentioned 4 points I believe are the main indicators that email marketing is still dominant.

Statistics Suggest that Email is Still No 1
No matter what people say about email, the statistics speak for themselves. All statistics show that email marketing is actually on the rise.

For example according to ‘Custora’, email marketing was the primary means in driving Black Friday sales accounting for just over 25% of all sales. Whereas paid search resulted in just 16.3% of sales. As reported by ‘Mailgen’ 54% of marketers feel that email is still the most effective type of marketing to work with and the easiest. In addition they reported that 89% of marketers said that email marketing was their main lead generation strategy.

Customers Want to Stay Updated (Through email)
Believe it or not, customers like to stay updated on what you have to offer. Whether that be a new product or service, discounts/coupons or even courses that you may provide.

Considering you already have a good email following this should be a good way to update your list as these people will already have a vested interested in what you have to offer (unless you generated irrelevant leads in the first place).

Email Marketing Compliments other Marketing Strategies
This point ties in with the last point but is more about linking email marketing with your other marketing strategies. Think of email marketing as a hub that generates traction for all other marketing methods such as social media.

For example you might alert your list about a webinar you are holding or an article you posted on your blog. In the case of the blog post, emailing your subscribers will give you that initial boost of qualified traffic. The best thing with that, is it's completely free.

People Choose Email for Business Communications
According to MarketingSherpa, 72% of consumers say that email is their favourite form of communication with businesses. Furthermore, 61% prefer to receive promotional emails weekly and 28% want them more regularly.
It is believed that 81% of online shoppers are more likely to make extra purchases online or in store based on emails about previous shopping behaviours. This was reported by Harris Interactive.
As a result of email marketing, 66% of consumers have made a purchase online rather than in store. 19% of consumers have said that every email newsletter they receive is to see what’s on offer. That is why consumers delete fewer promotion emails without looking.

If its not Dead where is it Heading
It is predicted that by 2017 1.779 million people will be able to access email on their mobile device.

30% of consumers read their emails on mobile devices. Depending on your target audience, product/service and email type, mobile email will account for up to 70%. This was reported by The Radicati Group.

11 Email Marketing Flaws That Kill Your Retail Campaign

Today I am here to talk about vital flaws we make when sending out an email retail campaign, 11 flaws in fact. This may be a lot to identify but we make flaws that we don’t even realise so as a marketer I would like to outline the flaw and give you all a solution that will increase open rates by a mile!
  1. No personalisation

It doesn’t have to be a “Moon pig” card or anything like that; it just has to be direct to the target market you are sending it to. Don’t settle for writing “Dear Mr/Mrs”, “Hello Team”.  Include the person’s name and use the right software to do so. I use Mailchimp which has a Personalised “To” Field. The website itself picks up peoples first and last names from email addresses in the email list selected and applies it to the email. If you are sending out a mass emails it excludes the names from going to other people in the recipients, it is easy and free to use!


  1. Cold emailing

When I first started out digital marketing I was collecting emails off of company websites and people’s LinkedIn accounts which isn’t the answer. Cold emailing has its benefits of getting a reply back but to really get the open rates and responses that are relevant to your retail business you should email people directly in your target market, geo target your email campaigns and email the potential customer if the email address is given to you. This will show your professional manner as well as increase open rate & CTR.



  1. Sent at the wrong time

Another trouble that occurs in an emailing campaign is that they get sent out at irrelevant times. No one would read an email about the best shoes of the year at 11:45pm. It is important to consider where your target market will be at the time you send the email, what they will be doing and whether this email will make them stop and read. Did you know that the best time to send a retail email is at 2pm on a Thursday? Who would of thought?



  1. Accuracy

I’m going to keep this plain and simple. To send out an effective email campaign you should grammar check the email for any spelling mistakes and to check if the content itself makes sense, you should definitely check for broken backlinks before sending as this will make your website ranking go down. It will not help readers if the links in the email content doesn’t work!


  1. Too much text in email

Personally, would you read an email with 6-8 paragraphs in it? The answer is no. If you want to catch the attention of people within your target market you need to definitely keep it short and sweet, not too direct and catch their eye with an interesting offer or fact. The following points also associate with email content.


  1. Salesy type email

I’m sorry to break it to you but if you write purely about sales and how your product/service can benefit them then the reader will get bored and bounced off the email. Readers want to see results, they would like to see examples of user examples and they would like to see something that makes them go wow! Sales emails do not cut it anymore, if you want to see results for yourself then definitely consider using worldwide tops, real life scenarios and always ending with a positive note. This can be a solution. Imagine if your shoe broke, where would you go or what would you do to fix it? Ideally, you would search up for new shoes on a browser and hope for the best. With email you can subscribe to any new offers given and possibly the gateway to new shoes! Use your words effectively when emailing your target market.


  1. Lack of visuals

From work experience, I have learned that visuals in email marketing mean everything. It is important to use appropriate images that catch the attention of readers; this could be anything from product showcasing, highlighting offers and pictures relevant to the text in the email. Visuals make the emails colourful and grab attention. 84% of marketers have said that visuals trigger the reader’s brain to check out your social media, they want to know what you’re about other than producing emails and content. Readers want to know the “secret sauce” you use for your business.


  1. Subject line isn’t enticing enough

As mentioned earlier, you should your keep your email short and sweet. However, you should also have an effective subject line. People will not even read your email if the subject line is not good. No one would read an email if the subject line was “New sale”. Vamp up your email subject lines by asking a question like “How do you plan to dress this Christmas?!”


Make the subject line something worth reading but makes sure it goes with what your content is talking about.


  1. NOT relatable

Make your emails relatable by adding a story with a happy ending in your content, everyone as well as you loves to see results. A happy ending. A solution. No one will read an email if the content is not something to relate to. They will just see it as a sales email and bounce off of it.

Include the happy endings, include personal responsibilities if it is relatable and definitely tell a story with it all.

Include a broken shoe; include how a negative became a positive by using your product/service.



If I’m honest, every point I’ve mentioned in my blog has come to this. No click bait. Once again, no one will read your email if this is not shown. The click bait can be anything from new product/service offers, clickable links and buzz words. It is a summary of the email content, the thing that really get people to stop and click. Writing enticing email content is expected when producing email marketing campaigns but click bait beats the content by a mile. The click bait makes your content worth a click. You can include paid advertising in your email as this shows a crisp look to your business and shows that your company has more than one threshold. Think about it.


  1. No current customer feedback

All businesses can lose their selves when there so many new customers on the books, but what about the current ones? It is essential to always remarket to current customers, check how they’re doing and keep them in the know. Current customers will want to know about new deals, retail news and anything that can benefit them through the use of your product/service. Don’t side-track and focus on receiving current customer feedback before considering something new. This feedback can help you in the long run and help you vamp up your business through the use of PPC, Email marketing and Social Media marketing.



Overall, I think you should outline the selling points in your business and use them to create effective email marketing campaigns. You should use these points as a guide to improve your email content and rock the world of email marketing!



Written by Jessie Prentice

How To Use LinkedIn For Business

LinkedIn is the most ‘professional’ of the major social networking websites, used by over 135 million business professionals worldwide. Since it is largely focused on B2B connections, LinkedIn should be a big part of your social media marketing strategy. If it isn’t there’s no need to worry anymore as we’ll take you through a simple but highly effective way of ‘How to use LinkedIn for business’

Get your profile ‘Out There’

If you want to know ‘How to use LinkedIn for business’ follow our step by step guide on how to leverage LinkedIn to the highest possible capacity;

  • Status Updates: One of the best ways to use ‘LinkedIn for business’ is to keep your connections informed about your latest going on’ is by posting ‘status updates.’ Status updates are quick statements that you feel your connections will find interesting. In addition, they can include links to related content on your Website or third-party Websites such as http://coretiummedia.com/ .If you want to appear active in the LinkedIn community, post useful and easy to respond to status updates on a regular basis.
  • Blog Posts: LinkedIn allows you to easily sync your blog posts to your personal profile. For example as soon as you post a blog on your website , your LinkedIn profile will be automatically updated with your posts’ title  and link to the full post on your Website.
  • Events: Are you speaking at an event or sponsoring a training session? If so you can post a LinkedIn Event, this will therefore help promote and generate interest in your event.
  • Tweets:  Another great way to use ‘LinkedIn for business’ is if you are a frequent user of Twitter, make sure you integrate your LinkedIn status updates with your Tweets. This will keep your connections and followers informed.
  • Presentations: If you an avid user of PowerPoint you can post all the relevant PowerPoint presentations to Slide Share (http://www.slideshare.net/) or Google Docs (https://www.google.co.uk/slides/about/) , once this is done you can display these presentations on your LinkedIn profile.
  •  Portfolio: If you have a creative portfolio you want to display, post your portfolio of work to enhance your network. Once posted, LinkedIn allows you to showcase your work on your profile.
  • Polls: LinkedIn polls is a great way of gathering market research, it allows you to collect specific data from your connections and the professional audience on LinkedIn. For example you can ask your current connections if they like your latest free eBook, all they’ll have to do is click on the link (http://coretiummedia.com/) and check it out if they haven’t already done so. Once read they can then take part in the poll.


Make The Most Of LinkedIn’ Community Features

LinkedIn for business

In addition to your profile, the following is a great way on how you should use ‘LinkedIn for business. LinkedIn provides a number of community features that will allow you to communicate and potentially even collaborate with other LinkedIn users, for example:

  • Groups: LinkedIn Groups is a great way to use ‘LinkedIn for business’ as it helps you stay informed and keep in touch with people that have common interests with you. LinkedIn groups are a great way to grow your network, for example; by you adding value to a group on LinkedIn (Commenting, sharing posts etc.) On the other hand you can also create your own LinkedIn groups or join any number of groups that focus on the area that interests you.
  • Company Pages: Company Pages are a great research tool that you can use to find companies to potentially do business with or alternatively you could research competitors. In addition, if you haven’t already created a company page you should! As this will allow you to showcase your expertise and what separate’s from your competitors. On a company page you can do several things, such as:  Publish your company’s description, headquarters address and website address.


Use LinkedIn As A Business Branding Tool

The following strategies will help you understand that LinkedIn can be a valuable business tool and that it will help you grow your business.

  • Brand Your LinkedIn Address:When you create a LinkedIn profile, it will create a random LinkedIn web address that will appear as a collection of odd letters. However this can be changed as LinkedIn lets you customise this address to create a branded LinkedIn address with your name. For example, https://www.linkedin.com/in/coretium-media-b6b62b6a?trk=hp-identity-photo
  • Become An Established Industry Expert: To achieve this title we recommend that your profile is as active as it can be, for example: Answer all questions that you’re asked, comment on peoples posts and always take part/comment in groups. This will allow you to become a recognised expert in your field
  • Generate Qualified Leads: One of the best ways to use ‘LinkedIn for business’ is to do the following. You can use LinkedIn to generate potential sales prospects for your company; this is done by you searching for a specific group of people i.e. business owners who live in London and works in the Architectural industry. Follow the link to see the results of the search!. Once connected with the relevant people you can then move onto sending them a personalised message that entails you offering your services to them. Let’s hope for a response!


Do you agree with these steps on how to use LinkedIn for business?